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Episode #40 – Reigniting Your Life with Passion

reignite your life

If your circumstances don’t allow you the joy you seek, it’s best you start reigniting your life with something deeper. That is the only way you can assure the quality of life you deserve. We are all going through life, one way or another. Every page we turn provides us with another opportunity.

It can be hard at times, that I understand. If it hasn’t just yet, the time will come. But when things get rough, renew your life with an option worth living for. There are things we are able to control, others we bring upon ourselves. Either way, to every event a lesson, and to every lesson an opportunity to grow.

It’s quite easy to victimize yourself with the ‘why me’ mentality, but far easier to take ownership. The opportunity is there. It’s everywhere. It’s up to us to seize it. Many soak themselves in pity, but reigniting your life takes you far away from that mindset. In other words, it allows you another option, a better angle at seeing your life.

Nothing is perfect, neither should we expect it to be. That’s the beauty of life. If it were perfect, we’d have nothing to work for, nothing to work towards. To renew your life is to give yourself a chance at experiencing it in an entirely different light. And within that light, you’ll find new hope, new experiences, and all of the additional chance you desire.

As imperfect humans, things are bound to go wrong. It’s not a matter of if, it’s all a matter of when. It’s inevitable. Therefore, it’s not just experiencing it, it’s also how we choose to define it. Reigniting your life makes it all worthwhile. It makes it all worth fighting for if you will.

Renew Your Life So that It Is Worth Living

renew your life

If there is one thing that lights me up, it’s living a life that is full, one with passion. It wasn’t always that way. But it all became possible the moment I decided to renew my life. It was necessary because it allowed me the opportunity to reset. All the struggle and everything I had ever been through was now worth it.

Not that I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again, it’s just that I wouldn’t erase it all for the sake of where it has taken me. I’m grateful for the exposure life has presented me with. Reigniting your life is only essential to taking you to where you want to go. It is essential for allowing you to build along the way.

I could never trade this life that I was blessed with and I would never give back my experiences. I love it all, for every step contributes to the next. And to all those that contributed to it, many thanks. I say this not to take shots, but I say it from a place of gratitude. Growth isn’t given, nor does it come without an adventure.

When you renew your life, it gets better every single time. What will you do when better comes knocking at your front door? Will you drown within it, or will you embrace it as the gift that it is? There was a time I use to ask, why me? But the more I grew, the more I asked, why not me? Why not receive this amazing gift that life has enabled me to experience?

Allow Passion to Provide You A Way Out

Within the realms of passions lies hope.  It not only opens doors, but it also sets you free. Throughout my life, I have been bailed out many times. iI wasn’t due to a secret passage that I had found. It was through the works that had been influenced through the passion I had inside of me.

In order to renew the life I was blessed with, I needed not to start from scratch. I just needed to realize that through this very passion, many doors would open. And although I didn’t see them right away, I knew that there were right there waiting for me to enter.

reactivate your life

We all want change, we all need reigniting at times. But the most important thing is that we understand the power we’ve been blessed with. Our Creator not only gave us life, but He also equipped us all with the tools necessary to get through it all. That is why when I vote, I don’t vote for man, I vote for the being I had been created to be.

Join me for Episode #41 – Allow Your 2020 Vote to Count. I understand the times and the urgency we are now feeling to vote. But while many find it important, the one person that it is important to always keep in mind is ourselves. I vote for me! The question is, who will you vote for?

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