Episode #43 – Feel It So Everyone Else Does - That Good ol Feelin

Episode #43 – Feel It So Everyone Else Does

the feeling

Do you feel it? Because whether you do or not, it shows. You can hide an egg from a child during Easter, but one thing that isn’t hard to find is the way you feel. I learned throughout my years of living that the mouth need not move for you to speak. As a matter of fact, the world is constantly speaking. From the dirt beneath your feet to the wind that blows around you.

The only question that lies before you is, are you taking the time to acknowledge what is being said? Or are you so consumed by your world that you fail to acknowledge the world you live in? Is your best version on display? If you don’t acknowledge it, how can you feel it? This is a beautiful world we live in. But the beauty is all determined by the lens you choose to wear.

I’ve come to realize that you’ll only experience what you continue to focus on. If you focus on negativity, you’ll end up living there. But if you see the sunshine even when it rains, a new world opens up for you. In other words, the world you want to live in is the one that will present itself to you. Just keep in mind that the feeling inside always manages to surface.

If you fail to pay attention to it, rest assure many around you will. Therefore, if you don’t feel it, so will they. Your physical actions are a result of the feelings that live inside of you. When someone asks you how you’re doing, there’s a great chance the answer to that question has already manifested itself. There’s a great chance, that you’ve already revealed the answer to that question. Even in the dark, you may find it hard to hide.

you’ve Got to Feel It to Deal It

feel it

Whatever you put out in the world will cause an effect. They say to every cause an effect. Well, that couldn’t be far from the truth. Whatever energy you wake up with in the morning, others will feel it. It’s just that simple. You couldn’t keep them from experiencing it even if you tried to hide under a rock.

To get a clear picture of what I mean, think about the sun. Although it may be miles and miles away, the heat it produces we are all able to feel. Like the sun, where ever we go, our presence is felt. Therefore, everything we store inside of us pours out for all to feel.

Whenever I ask someone how they are doing it’s because I sense there is something wrong. At times, I look to see if there is anything I can do to help. That’s why even when they say everything is ok, to me, the truth had already spoken. The feeling they give off tends to be far different from what they actually want me to believe.

What are you doing to project the best feeling you possibly can? Are you allowing life’s circumstances to shape you or are you constantly shaping it? Just in case you may have forgotten, the little things may not mean much to you, but they matter. They should always matter because the world around you is watching. How amazing it would be for you to live your life in a manner that serves those in need.

feel it

Remember, since the world is watching, you are constantly on display. Many people are asking questions and you may just be the answer. What will you do to take full advantage of it?

Serve Others by Simply Existing

I never understood just how much of a difference I was making until my love for life prevailed. The more I woke up on the right side of the bed, so the speak, I was able to take others with me. Not only were they able to experience the feeling through me, but it also shifted theirs as well. That’s power! More than I’ve ever been able to inject.

That made it even more necessary for me to be more conscious of what I was keeping inside. The more I was able to keep myself filled, the more of me others would be able to experience. It was no longer about me anymore. It was about the world around me.

Any time I start to drown myself in pity, I think of all those that rely on me to go on. I think about all the ones who will feel it, the moment I come into their presence. Like Captain Planet, by the power vested in me, I have the power to share the feeling others need, but find hard to produce. If we all live for a purpose greater than ourselves, what great servants we’ll be. We might not be Captain Planet, but we will be able to facilitate life where life doesn’t reside.

Join me next week for Episode #44 – Strength of Positivity and Its Impact on Mental Health. The way you view life can affect the way you feel it. Stay connected. It’ll be another episode you don’t want to miss.

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