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Episode #44 – Strength of Positivity and Its Impact on Mental Health


The most prominent strength of positivity is that it has the ability to impact our mental health. You’d be surprised to know how being positive can impact the way we feel internally. What you keep on your mind plays a big role in the direction your life goes in. In other words, your mind not only consumes you, but it subconsciously guides you. Therefore, if you dominate your mind with successful thoughts, the chances of you finding success are greater.

I remember going on a motorcycle ride. What seemed like a normal ride changed with the element of rain. All I can remember is looking up only to see that the light had turned red. After slamming on the brakes, my motorcycle began sliding. It turned into a life or death situation because in front of me was a tractor-trailer.

What saved me wasn’t my superpowers. It was my focus. As my motorcycle continued to slide the only thing I focused on was the outlet. That outlet was between the semi and the cars in the immediate lane. The motorcycle ended up drifting in where my focus was. In other words, my focus served as guidance, sliding me right in between the cars I had been focusing on.

Stay Positive to Invite Positive Outcomes

The strength of positivity plays a similar role. Just like my focus, I realize whenever I give myself the option of things going right, they seldomly do. What’s the point of thinking the worse when the best is what I want? Why consume my mind with the outcome opposite of what I want?

strength of positivity

The maintaining of positive mental health is simply the focus we allow to dominate us. The strength in positivity is partly what prevents negative thoughts to affect our mental health. Therefore, only keep the things in your mind that compliment the feel you seek.

When you stay positive, it’s more likely that positive things find you. In other words, keep your focus positive. When you keep a positive mentality, you invite that very outcome. It’s like preparing for a party. If you know you’ll be entertaining ten guests, you do what it takes to receive them.

You not only make sure you have enough food for ten, but you also make sure that you have enough seating for them as well. Moreover, the gathering is only made possible once the preparation is made. Because without it, what’s the point right? After all, don’t we want things to work in our favor?

Maintaining positive mental health is related to what we allow to dominate our minds. In reality, how I can want one thing, only to focus on something completely different? Once again, the strength in positivity is knowing that we can attain what we want. Although it starts off as a dream, it still has the ability to be more.

The Attitude You Keep Shall Lead the Outcome

There is a famous quote from Zig Ziglar that states, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Meaning, mental healthour attitude or views play a major role in determining the outcome we seek. Saying you want something alone does you no good. Therefore, stay positive, things are only as possible as you believe you are.

It doesn’t matter how much the world sees in you. If you fail to see it in yourself, it does you no good. Your path is only as positive as your thoughts. If it isn’t within you, it’s without you. You are the driver, the captain of this great ship. As a result, you have everything it takes to make sure you get to the destination you are looking towards.

You will only go as far as your positive mental attitude. Hence, water your mind, your soul so that it continues to grow. Fertilize it so that it produces so that it remains fruitful. A positive mind can only build what a negative one breaks. For this reason, positive thinking and mental health go hand in hand. Your mental state relies heavily on your state of mind, what you feed it.

Be mindful of this so that you are always aware of how you are affected by your own actions. When you think about it, we are affected by what we do more than anything else. Because only we know how that end destination looks like for it lives in our minds. It’s like aiming to go east while deciding to drive west. What point does it make? In a word, allow yourself to be guided by the outcome you want, not the other way around.

Join me next week for Episode #45 – How to Repel Yourself from External Negativity. Sometimes we find ourselves indulged in a way of living that goes against our beliefs. For whatever reason it may be, it is up to us to not only create what we want but also reject what doesn’t serve it.


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