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Episode #45 – How to Repel Yourself from External Negativity

feeling bad energy

Though everything inside of you may be well treated, it’s always important to repel yourself from external negativity. Although the internal is more powerful, it is imperative that we protect ourselves from the external. You stay in it long enough, and it becomes apart of you.

I always considered myself to be a great guy, a positive one at that. But unfortunately, although I was positive, I was still collecting negative energy from others around me. That external negativity was clear because it didn’t represent what I wanted to embody. Not only did they ignore that side of me, they promoted anything but that.

I was having fun, but not good fun. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to accept what I was continually promoting. I was greater than what I was showing myself to be. It happens. That’s what growth is all about. Many of us grow through these things. Many of you continue to do so. In order to get to the next stage in your life, cleansing yourself from negative energy is essential.

What’s more important to me now is that I protect myself from the external negativity so that I can enjoy the great vibes. There’s nothing like that good ol feelin. It’s a great place to live because, for me, that’s where life lives and that is where the external negativity dies. In other words, the best way to kill evil is by spreading good. Therefore the best way to remove negative energy is by spreading the positive. That’s what it comes down to.

Replace External Negativity with Good Vibes

I always found that a smile goes a long way. With that in mind, I do everything in my power to create moments that project them. I love being around people because I love life. And since life is everywhere it’s important to keep the right life around you.

There was a point of time that I loved to be around people so much that I allowed negative energy in. I must say, feelingexternal negativity bad energy weighs you down. There’s nothing about it that feels right. It’s like an overbearing weight that prevents you from moving forward.

Although you see the whole world in front of you, it seems like you are unable to grab it. External negativity has that effect. That is why it’s important to be intentional about the energy you let in. You don’t want to be that person that throws a party and lets the entire block in, do you? Because nine times out of ten you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

My entire life took a 360 when I decided to start fresh. Goodbye to negative energy and hello to positivity. After moving to California, I had the opportunity of starting from scratch. I was blessed to have been around people that got to know who I was really was. And in turn, they blessed me with the positive energy I had been longing for.

It’s extremely important for me to express how invested I was. I had made the decision to be happy, and with that came a shift. I had to let out the old in order to make room for the new. Cleansing yourself from negative energy is important because you’re only a result of what you consume.

Feeling Bad Energy Isn’t in Your DNA

get rid of negative energy

None of us were born with it, but somehow, many of us seem to be surrounded by it. That external negativity can be found everywhere. But the great thing is we have a choice. Our experiencing it is our decision and our decision only. No one can give it to you unless you are willing to take it. Therefore if clearing negative energy from your life is important to you you have to be willing to lose.

I learned really quickly that regardless of who you are, my energy needs to be protected. Regardless of you being my brother, sister, cousin, or friend. In order for me to get rid of negative energy, it was possible that I got rid of you. I’m not saying that love would be lost. I was just saying that it was a possibility that I was going to have to love you from a distance.

Just because I love you doesn’t mean that I have to accept the negative energy you have to offer. As a matter of fact, because I love you, I’d feel it make more sense that I allow you to quarantine yourself. No hard feelings. I love your presence, I just don’t love the external negativity that you have floating around you. I love you way too much than to allow you to victimize me. But most importantly, I love me too.

Join me next week for Episode #46 – Sometimes the Hardest Thing is the Best Thing. Life doesn’t always give us the easy way out. But at times, it’s the hardest decisions we have to make that tend to be the best. We just have to trust, with faith, that it will all work out in the end. Join me, same time, next week.

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