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Episode #46 – Sometimes the Hardest Thing is the Best Thing

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They say that the best thing for you is sometimes the hardest thing. Honesty is a beautiful thing and says a lot about who we are as a person. But, unfortunately, many don’t live out such a life. As a matter of fact, many of us tend to look for the easy way out.

The best thing about our lives is the amount of control we have over it. Could you imagine having someone or something dictate the outcome of your life? Could you imagine not having a say in creating your story? I couldn’t possibly imagine so because to take my story away is to take my life away.

The best way to live our lives is by living in such a manner that we can be proud of. The world has its own path, and so do you. The hardest thing is to continue on your path while everyone else goes a totally different way. Then again, whoever said the easiest things were the best for you to begin with.

Throughout my life, nothing good for me has ever been easy. As a matter of fact, because the good is so rare, it’s easy to find yourself in a lane of your own. The trend of the time always tends to get more fans than the route less traveled. The question is, what are we able to live with? Will we continue to aim for our better versions or will we fall to the influence of the norms?

How Tough Our Decisions and How They Affect Our Present

Every decision we make causes an effect. We are not only responsible for our choices, but also for the effect of them as well. When you think about it, the hardest thing isn’t actually making the choices we do. It is the people that are affected by it at the end of the day.

Too many times do we indulge ourselves without understanding how the people around us are affected by it all. It’s one thing to make a decision that affects us, but an entirely different one when it affects someone else. The tough thing about it is seeing someone or something go through a challenging event due to our bad decisions.


Are you living this game of life to better your world and everyone within it? If so, your ability to think things through can be very vital. Many are watching and many are reliant on how you move so that they too can experience something better. So when you make a decision that’s best for you, so many are able to benefit from that very decision.

The Easiest of Things Seem Like the Hardest Thin

The hardest thing isn’t always the decisions we make, but rather, the effect it brings. It’s easy to ride around friends in search of a good time than it is for us to face the consequences that go along with it. The reason it tends to be hard is because no one likes to be the oddball. And rarely do we like to be considered ‘uncool’.

So many of us have made mistakes in our lives due to our wanting to be accepted. But our ability to hang in there is all dependent on what we value most. Do we care about how others feel about us, or are we more concerned with what we feel about ourselves?

Your Inner Voice and Its Ability to Free You

hardest thing

Listen to your voice. It has all the answers to the many questions that surround you. That inner voice makes the hardest thing the easiest. It’s not because it is actually easy. It’s just because we all have the ability to make the right choices based on what our conscience tells us.

The great thing about this tool is that we all possess it. We all have the ability to wheel ourselves back on the right track. As a matter of fact, we all have the ability to keep ourselves away from the wrong path. It’s all about checking in with the voice that continues to guide us. The question is, are we listening?

When we listen to ourselves, our deeper BEING, we are able to learn so much. The hardest thing to do is listen to that voice when so many are speaking. It’s important we trust our gut, the compass to the destination we are currently seeking. The more we get into the habit of listening, the easier it becomes. The more our voice begins to strengthen. And the more our voice strengthens, the more we are able to trust it so that we remain in its grace.

Join me, next week, for Episode #47 – Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy. With so much mental pollution we’re exposed to, it’s only right that we pursue life, the fountain of youth and health. That’s the topic of discussion, and you’re invited.

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