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Episode #48 – How to Train Your Brain for Optimal Performance

train your brain

With this information overload society we’re now living in, it’s important that you train your brain. In other words, it’s easy to confuse what doesn’t matter for what really does. It’s easy to weaken our minds with the vast amount of senseless topics out there. But just like an athlete that continues to train to get better, you too can work your brain to improving.

Just like building muscle, the best way to train your mind is by putting it to work. When was the last that you challenged yourself versus using all of the tools out there to replace it? I love math because math always challenged me. It always pushed me to think harder than I would usually do. After all, good brain training always stretches you and that’s what it’s all about.

The best way to train your brain is by ridding yourself of the training wheels out there. As someone that has a civil engineering degree, a lot of math comes along with the territory. The constant memorizing of formulas and complicated problems can be challenging. And along with those challenges come a lot of time and studying. So much so that after long hours of work, all I wanted was a shortcut. Therefore, at times, I would spend too much time trying to escape the challenge, then solving it myself.

Train Your Brain by Exercising It

Creating your best version doesn’t come without a little work. Now, with all of these tools online, I came from having to work my mind to go the shortcut route. No longer did I need to interpolate because all I had to do is type in a simple google search. That is why it is necessary that you train your brain. Not only because it allows you to think faster, but also because it allows you to create more for yourself.

The tools online make it easier for you to not train your brain, but what happens when you don’t have access to them? It will expose you making you realize that you had not been putting your brain to good use. When it’s all said and done, the best brain training involves the actual use of it. After all, how can something ever work if you never use it?

train your brain

The good news is it’s never too late to start over. Getting rid of bad habits only require that you start building better ones. You can’t create something new without replacing the old one. Therefore it’s necessary that you train your brain and mind on a daily basis. It’s not about when you find fit for it takes constant effort. The more you work it, the better it gets.

One thing that I’ve noticed is how hard many find it to remember the ones around them. We see the same people every day but find it hard to remember their names. How many times have you spoken to someone only to walk away wondering what their name is? The only way to train your memory is by working it. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Remember The Ones Around You

Working in construction as an engineer, there are so many different personnel you have to deal with. To train your brain is to put you at an advantage. That is why the best thing you can do is to remember the people you work with. And the best way to show them you remember them is by calling them by their name. It makes a world of a difference when you do. So train your mind by challenging it to store those important pieces of information.

train your brain

Who would ever want to be forgotten or overlooked? I know I wouldn’t and I know that you wouldn’t want to either. Therefore, take the time to invest in others you interact and work with. What better way to build good working relationships and show the ones you work with you care? We are all unique in our own right and part of that goes with our identity.

When someone remembers your name, how do you feel? With so many people around, when someone takes the time to remember you, don’t you feel like you matter? Do you not feel that you are more than just a number? I know I would. I always believe that when you invest in others, others will want to invest in you. So use that brain of yours so that it operates at a high level. What will you do to train your brain today? It takes constant work. Like they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” so do what you must to keep it sharp.

Practice Makes Permanent

Years ago I heard Eric Thomas say those very words and it resonated with me. It was so true because what’s perfect to an imperfect BEING. We all work to build a habit so it becomes a way of living. Saying perfect only keeps you comfortable for the work is never done. When you are working to train your brain for success it’s important that you remember this. The work is never done, it’s just beginning. Start everyday brand new, knowing that there is a new opportunity waiting to be had.

Join me next week for Episode #48 – Proven Ways to Learn to Accept Yourself. When you accept yourself, you not only acknowledge yourself, but you also allow yourself to shine. Like I always say, if you’re not shining, you’re not living. In the words of Dababy, “Let’s gooooooooooo!”

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