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Episode #49 – Proven Ways to Learn to Accept Yourself

accept yourself

There are no good reasons why you can’t accept yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s also easier than you think. You just need to redirect your energy and start to focus on yourself. There are so many distractions, especially when everything outside of us is a priority. You and only you are the primary focus in your life and should always be.

How could you ever see the best version of the world if the lens you wear is foggy? In other words, you can never see the world in a better light than the one you see yourself in. It is only through you can you see anything. Therefore what you see outside of you is only a reflection of what you see inside. That is why once you accept yourself, it will be easier for you to accept the things around you.

Self-acceptance is essential for a quality way of living for no one can honor you the way you can. No one could ever experience the beauty in you the way you can. That is why you must accept yourself. What better person to embrace you the way you can? To be with you is a gift and you should always consider yourself to be a gift worth sharing.

Accepting myself was the best thing I could have ever done. I not only learned to enjoy my own company, I learned to transfer it onto others. By the same token, be okay with yourself so others are too. I mean, if you find it hard to be in your own presence, how can you expect any different from someone else. Become more positive not only about who you are, but who you’re striving to become.

Accept Yourself for All to See

Just like any storefront, you are constantly on display for all to see. At the same time, you are on constant display for you to see. When you see yourself, what do you see? Do you see someone worth being proud of or do you see someone you’d rather hide from the outside world?

One thing is for sure, the moment I started accepting myself was the moment I felt noticed. While you may assume I am speaking of the many people around me, the truth is, it was I. It’s so easy to acknowledge many things around while overlooking yourself. Don’t be that person.

accept who you are

Learn to accept yourself so that you’re never neglected. When you accept yourself you not only set the standard, you create the new norm. For this reason, no longer will you be concerned about the definitions others create for the way you define yourself trumps them all. As a matter of fact, nothing else matters nor should they.

Many times do we focus on the lack of the things we get from others rather than the things we owe ourselves. To be with you is to be there for you. And to be there for you is to understand the responsibility you have towards yourself.  Accept yourself and be you for you owe that to yourself. We are each unique and should embrace our uniqueness instead of feeding into what others may want.

This life we all lead is ours to create. As much as you may want someone to believe you in, ultimately, no one will the way you can. Ultimately, you dictate your reach. After all, outsiders can only assume based on the information you put out. Therefore, you either define yourself or you’ll leave room for others to.

You are the Teacher and the Narrator

As the writer of your life’s story, you are both the teacher and the narrator of what you present. Acknowledge your strengths and take ownership of them. Accepting yourself is rejecting what others have to say and what they feel. That’s for them to keep, not for you to take on.

accept yourself

People will say what they think they know about you, but only you know the truth. After all, you have full possession of your transcripts. You are the star of the show and the editor that changes things as you please. When you accept and appreciate where you are, you are in a position to better appreciate where you’re going.

I knew where I was, but I definitely appreciate where I am today. It was only by accepting myself was I able to get there. Just because I was seeking growth did not mean I had to ignore the gifts I possessed. That’s why they call it growth. Growth doesn’t diminish the old, it enhances it. I understood my greatness was a composition of both my strengths and my flaws.

A rainbow isn’t defined by a single color. It is defined by a combination of colors that contributes to its overall presentation. In order for its beauty to be manifested, it relies on the combination of colors to do so. That is why we marvel at its presence and the uniqueness it displays. That is why when you accept yourself fully, flaws and all, not only will you see the shine, others will too.

Join me for Episode #50 – Best Self Care Practices You Can Do for a Healthy Mind. In order to learn to accept yourself, you must be mindful of the way you feed your mind. Let’s reconnect so that we discuss the different ways we can actually accomplish this.


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