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Episode #5 – The Key to Creating Life On Your Terms

Everything we are is a summation of the things we adopted along the course of our journey of life. Whether it be the way we talk, the way we dress, the cars we drive, or the houses we buy. That’s the beautiful thing about life right? We get to create and become according to the gifts provided to us from our fellow creators. Although so many options present before us, I guess the ultimate question is…who do you truly want to become? How committed are you to creating life on your terms?

Many of us start to prepare for the next major journey of life in we now must take on alone. A life on our terms. We pay these major institutions to certify us with the skills that will provide us with the best life we perceive as a success…whatever that is. Nothing wrong with that right? It depends on you define success. It depends on how that definition makes you feel.

A lot of people may be saying, “What do you mean, how it makes you feel?” That’s the thing right, many of us make this decision emotionless. There are no emotions attached to this life term road. It’s not until I thought of this topic, was I able to put this into words. 

Creating A LIfe Society Cannot Offer

We’re all bought into a society that brought us up thinking more about how we can buy into it than buying into ourselves. So we go off and pick these life term careers that will allow us the ‘exclusivity’ this membership has to offer, buying these nice cars, nice houses, building a family and ending up with life as advertised. Now this is the definition of success right? For those that are fully bought into the societal way there would be no questioning that. 

Although many would be content with this scenario, I find it quite scary to be honest with you. There’s this disconnect between decision and emotion which is fine if that path works for you. But for those that want to feel life rather than strategically live it, there would have to be more to it right? I don’t think there is anything wrong with thinking strategically. But when our end goals are dictated by a definition of success that benefits a system more than our quality of life, it becomes a personal issue for me. It almost seems like we’ve been taught to live outside of ourselves. Therefore, keeping us further and further away from what we truly are inside. We’re conformed to living on the terms of society than living life on our own terms. 

How Does Life On Your Terms Look?

Now to be clear, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with accumulating wealth and creating a good life for yourself and that of your family, but what I’m saying is during the course of your journey, never allow anything or anyone to take your feel. I mean as we continue to navigate this life, we have to remind ourselves that we only experience it once, therefore it is important that we take it in fully, taking it all in with each breath we take. Now I know you’re probably thinking, with all of the things you have going on, where do you find the time to breathe right? And that’s the trap right there. 

At what cost do we allow our very reason for living to be stripped away from us. All I’m saying is, creating life on your own termswhatever you choose to do, make sure the price tag matches the outcome you’re seeking. In essence, don’t sacrifice what gives you life over what pays the bills. You can lose any material thing and get it back again, but this life you live?…you only get one. 

So connect with YOU and find out what YOU really want. And then allow that YOU to acknowledge the moment and the energy it requires to breathe life into it. The good side of things is that many of us know what we want. The sad thing is… we allow fear to stand between us and what sets us free. 
To create the life you want…you have to be brave enough leave mediocre for greatness and to me greatness isn’t about what you do, but how what you do makes you feel. And to me, that is the key. You gotta do what makes you live man. It’s all in the feel.

Finding the Path to Your Life

I remember when I was young and how I felt everything. I was more connected to my life until I was told how it “should” be. Where to go, how to go, when to go when the key all along was to just let go. I believe life finds us when we allow ourselves to be, in turn, allowing room for it to find us. Now, greater than ever is the time for us to let go and let in. 

For all of those who haven’t figured it out yet, relieve yourself of the things that don’t turn you on. For those that do know what they want…let go….and let in. Bottom line is, the key to creating life on your terms is feeling life as you go until you find something that makes you feel alive. Because in my mind if you’re not alive, you’re not living. Remember that!

Join me next Friday for Episode #6 – How Good It Is to be Loved by You. I think we’re all deserving, but too often neglect ourselves from experiencing a life we desire. I learned that sometimes the things we fear most, hold the key to our obtaining the things we truly love. Tune week same time.  

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