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Episode #51 – Essentials Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mood at Work

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If you’ve made it this far, there’s a great chance you want to know how to improve your mood. We spend between 8 to 10 hours a day in our respected workplace. This means we spend half of our day outside of our homes. In other words, we’re exposed to different characteristics other than what we’re accustomed to.

We are all uniquely different. As beautiful as it is, sometimes our differences won’t add up to others. Some live in light while others comfortably live in darkness. Such darkness can sometimes alter the way we feel. Therefore, you may need to improve your mood to keep your light from dimming.

It happens. C’est la vie as they say it. With that in mind, we just have to be willing to navigate for the sake of our shine. The last thing we want to do is compromise our own happiness. Regardless of what is thrown your way, you should be ready.  You don’t want to be reactive. Rather, set yourself up for success by boosting your mood so that others can’t break it.

For this reason, I will share different things to improve your mood when things come up. If they haven’t just yet, stay tuned. That’s all apart of life. You should know by now that the only constant thing is improve your moodchange. Thankfully, I’ll be providing you with some tools to help boost your mind in any event. Nothing should get in the way of you living your best version.

Good Music That Improve Your Mood

If there is one thing I do know is that we all love music. Our preferences may not all be the same, but we each have our groves. We each have a song, that once we hear it, has the ability to improve our moods.

I don’t know about you, but upon arriving into the office, the first thing I do is let the music rip. The moment I get in, before I do anything, it’s on. Music isn’t just what it sounds like. There are words attached to it. And those words can boost your mind in so many ways. That is the first dialogue you have with the workplace.

Words we intake has power. Therefore, dictating which words we allow access to our minds is key. Listening to I’m going to make it as a substitute for I don’t want to be here can go a long way. If you fill your workspace with music that brings good vibes then a boost of happiness occurs. That happiness improves your mood and its direction. You not only want to be there, but you also look forward to conquering the day.

Keep a Tidy Work Station

How’s the environment in which you work? I’ve always found that I’ve been able to find more productivity in a clean environment. A clear workspace makes for a clear mind. And a clear mind makes for a productive day.

boost your mood

Right after you’ve got the right music going, direct your focus towards tidying up your workspace. The surrounding you create is a result of the clutter or freeness in your mind. If you are to improve your mood, that would be an extra step you can take. Once you get that tidied up, guess what else you free up? You get my drift.

Things to improve your mood aren’t always major. Sometimes it’s the little things you do that make all the difference. Dust the desk down, get all of your writing utensils in a cup holder, and neatly set your papers aside. Order is just as influential as the people in the workplace. If your desk is in chaos, you will have destroyed your own sanctuary.

A Smile Can Boost Your Mood

Smile. At this point, you’re probably asking, why? Why not? I mean, you’ve got the music going and your workspace is all tidied up. What’s the next best thing you can think of? Smile, not only because you are expecting good, but because good is already here.

A smile serves as great communication between the mind and the soul. It’s telling the mind this is what I want while telling the soul this is how I feel. If that’s not a good way to boost your mind and mood, you tell me what will. Plus, if you’re looking to keep Mr. or Ms. Grumpy away, a smile would be your best deterrent.

boost your happiness

I tend to sympathize with those individuals. For all we know, Mr. or Ms. Grumpy may have a lot on their plate at home and sometimes a smile feeds them. When we smile we bring the light. It’s not about what we get, it’s more about what we can give.

The way we feel not only feeds our day, but it does others as well. Therefore, to improve your mood is to increase moods around you. While many unhappy people live there, some actually want another option. Why not be that option? You don’t always have to wait for your name to be called to be chosen. Choose you.

Do Good to Those You Work With

It doesn’t cost a dime to do good to those you work with. As I mentioned before, we are all going through life and all going differently. Some of our circumstances are different, if not drastically different then the next.

Although we all come to work to pay the bills, we have more to deal with. Believe it or not, life goes beyond the workplace. When you are able to improve your mood at work, you create a place of peace for others. Where some may consider their homes their sanctuaries or place of peace. Others look to work as a place to get away to.

boost your happiness

Life is beautiful, but unfortunately, not all of us get to see it in that light. Many have to deal with the horrors that bury the beauty that life beholds. Be good, kind, and understanding towards others. Their journey of life may not be as filling as yours. So serve goodness, for it not only benefits you, it benefits everyone around you. Believe it or not, Mr. and Ms. Grumpy long for goodness whether they express it or not. A little honey a day goes a long way.

Join me, next week, for Episode #52 – Little Things in Daily Life That Make You Happy. At times we look to hit a home run, the big bang, thinking that’s the end-all. But the truth is, sometimes it’s the little things that make life all the more worth living, bringing you all the happiness you deserve.

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