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Episode #52 – Little Things in Daily Life That Make You Happy

little things in life

Too often do we overlook the little things, directing our focus on the major. Because of this, we find it too easy to critique rather than appreciate. We aim high only to ignore everything that contributes to our highness. But, why?

We live in a society that encourages us to dream big. Therefore, the further from arms reach we are, the better. The harder we work the higher we stand. In other words, those who work harder are praised harder.

We dream big only to focus on our big achievements while overlooking our mini victories along the way. In reality, it’s important that we find happiness in the little things. Because there are no big without small. After all, big is only a result of the sum of small things.

When we appreciate and value the small, the more our celebrations become. Life isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. As a matter of fact, it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth living. We only complicate things in order to feed our own egos. The more complicated we make it, the smarter we’re able to look. Therefore, our focus is more on creating an illusion rather than a reality.

Life is complicated, we often hear. So much so that we miss out on the little things that really matter. What my reality tells me is that life is actually easy. It’s as simple as I choose to make it. It isn’t so much so about the top of the mountain. It’s more so about each step that contributes to taking you there. For this reason, it’s the little things in life that contribute to all the major things we experience.

Simple Things Amount to More

simple things in life

As I mentioned before, life is simple. We take the simplicity of it and cloud it with the unnecessary. We develop long, drawn-out equations that accomplish no more than the short. As a society, we magnify a ‘problem’ only to solidify our defeating it. To put it another way, the bigger we make a ‘problem’ the better we fell about overcoming it.

But what would you say if I told you that ‘problems’ don’t really exist? When we label something a problem, we make it bigger than us. In fact, it’s as if we’re saying it’s beyond our construct. The reality of it is, once we accept things as simple and basic, we find that there’s nothing at all. Enjoying the little things in life excludes that from the equation.

What you see is what you get. In other words, your view of the world creates your reality. What’s in front of you is based on how you define it. You prevent yourself from your own small happiness by taking it away from yourself. It’s attainable, but you refuse to accept it. It’s far easier to give up when you believe it’s hard, but it’s right there for you to take hold of.

Happiness in the Little Things

What’s happiness to you? Is it the high paying job? How about the luxury cars? Does it have anything to do with the house you dream of? Maybe it’s the designer clothes many glamorize. Are you being driven by the things around you or what you’re already blessed with? The truth is, you have much more than you realize.

Looking around you isn’t the answer. The things that fill you aren’t your material positions. It’s the beautiful little things in life that do. It’s those very things that enable you to reconnect with yourself. Those are the only things that matter when it’s all said and done.

beautiful little things

My life took an amazing turn when my focus changed. I came from thinking I needed more to realizing I had enough. When I redirected my focus I realized that I had so much I hadn’t acknowledged. It was sitting in my lap all along. And everything else that I desired was only a distraction.

To think that all I had to do was look at what I had inside and the creations around me. Everything I had been looking for was all in the little things we tend to overlook. They were the simple things that life had to give, free of charge. There was no need to purchase nor seek. It was right there.

Take Advantage of the Free Gifts of Life

Take a look around you. Is there anything you see that you can be taking advantage of at this very moment? If not, look again. Have you not seen the sun and its ability to brighten the day? Have you not seen the wind and its ability to cool us from the sun? How about the trees and the many plants around it? What about all of the beautiful little insects that make up the ecosystem? The little can sure open our eyes to a bigger world.

As we jump in our cars to start the day, are we cognizant of those awaiting the bus? I’ve been there. Sometimes not having tended to be a blessing. Because sometimes not having gives us an opportunity to see more. And sometimes, the less we have, we come to realize the little things show us how much more we have.

Join me next week for Episode #53 – Easy Ways to Calm Your Mind in Stressful Situations. Things happen. That’s life. And if it hasn’t, it will. It’s only a matter of time. How will you bring it all back home, finding your place of peace, your place of calmness?

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