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Episode #53 – Easy Ways to Calm Your Mind in Stressful Situations

calm your mind

Life can be pretty chaotic at times. So much so that it becomes essential for you to calm your mind. Whether we’re dealing with financial struggles, relationship challenges, or be it our health, we find chaos. As it pertains to work, many of us get burned out. Those working in fields such as healthcare, finance, and construction definitely feel it. Many in those industries spend millions, if not billions on workplace-related stress.

In spite of that, we keep pushing in order to survive. We overwork ourselves and drive ourselves through the common drug of coffee in order to keep up. I guess we figure if we hang on, we’ll be able to execute as planned.

In the end, all we end up doing is overstretching ourselves, only to wake up to do it all over again. Through all of this, have you figured out how to calm your mind for a healthier experience? I know the world is telling you to go, but how’s the go been?

The truth is, there’s always another way. And the way I’m hoping to promote to you is one that is a lot more calmer and sustainable. In fact, just because we are in a calmer state doesn’t mean we can’t get as much accomplished. On the contrary, research suggests that we experience a higher level of energy and creativity this way. As far as science, it states that we are more likely better able to operate under chaotic circumstances. This will allow us to relax in tense situations, allowing us to make the best of bad situations.

Advantages of a Calm Mind

When you’re in a state of calmness you’re able to preserve your energy. In this state of calmness, with a sharp mind, you’re able to focus more and get things done more swiftly. And as it pertains to your creativity, you’re able to thrive more. Stress, on the other hand, prevents us from tapping into our creativity. Research has proven this time and time again.

calm your mind and body

Our creativity is ignited by our relaxed, calm state which we experience while taking a shower. How many times has something clicked for you in this very predicament? I don’t know about you, but staying calm when stressed have contributed to my progress. As a matter of fact, my walk in nature had contributed to a handful of breakthroughs. Upon my return, my creative juices had skyrocketed.

Keep your mind calm. My being calm has enabled me to rationalize more and make better decisions. Whenever you find yourself riled up, step outside of yourself, take a step back. Calm your mind and body so that you’re more grounded and more connected. Because the more connected you are, the more fluid your flow.

How Calmness Takes You to a Place of Peace

Peace needs no explanation. It literally tells its own story. We each know what it takes for us to be stressed. We know exactly when and how to tap into that state. Once you do, how do you find ways to calm you down?  Researchers have been able to establish practices that help you feel good and calmer. When in such states, we’re able to navigate life more efficiently.

Take a Breather

In order to keep the mind calm in stressful situations, stay connected to life, breathe. Research performed by a Stanford scholar helped many veterans recover from trauma. How you may ask? By simply breathing.

Emma Seppela, an associate director of Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education helped examine 21 participants for three hours, seven days a week. As a symptom related to PTSD, eye blinking was measured as a response to noises. Four interval assessments were taken during a year period. All the instructors were from Project Welcome Home Troops, which is an organization focused on improving the quality of living of returning vets and their families.

staying calm when stressed

The results were stellar. It showed a reduction in PTSD symptoms such as anxiety and respiration rate. “It resulted in reduced PTSD symptoms, anxiety and respiration rate,” Seppala and her co-authors reported. “Sudarshan Kriya yoga showed the strongest effect on hyperarousal and the re-occurrence of traumatic memories and nightmares.” Now that’s powerful. A great way of showing what we can overcome while staying calm when stressed.

Just by the usage of your breath, you can dramatically change the way you feel. Studies were done giving a group different breathing patterns. It was surprising to see what each person felt as a result of the breathing pattern they performed. These breathing techniques were able to evoke the emotion brought on by the breathing patterns.

If these studies don’t showcase the importance of breathing, I don’t know what does. Unfortunately, too many times we find these exercises difficult when we find ourselves under stress. When you are able to keep your mind calm, you find that your dealings become lighter.

Stay Present to Calm Your Mind

When your friends and family look to you for an ear, how present are you? Do you take the time in giving them your 100 percent attention?

stay present and calm

We live in a society filled with lonely souls. Unfortunately, we may be so consumed by our day to day that we fail to notice them. Those that are unable to stay calm and positive find themselves in a deeper hole. So indulged in their stress, they find themselves further away from others.

When it’s all said and done, among other human needs, the most important is connection. It all started from birth. The moment we came into this world we became our mother’s little baby. Regardless of how old we grow, that fact remains the same. Whatever we may be going through we all rely on someone within our circle to connect with. And within that connection lies a state of peace. That’s because, somehow, that connection serves as a tool that allows you to calm your mind.

That is why when we find ourselves in a position to serve, it is important that we remain present. We want to make sure that we are able to fully contribute. Therefore the opportunity to aid someone towards the calm is presented. They need you now, more than ever. So stay present, in the moment, the NOW, so that they are able to fully receive you. At that moment, you have the honor of contributing to something greater than just you.

Letting it All Go When it Weighs You Down

A mule will always be a mule. But at some point in time, no matter who the boss is, when the load is overbearing, it will calm your mindnot budge. Unless you are willing to lighten its load, its mission is over. While many consider the mule disobedient, it’s only fair to say it’s reached its limit.

Just like the mule, if you are to calm your mind it’s important that you relax in these tense situations. Let go. There’s no point in holding on to something that doesn’t serve you. Letting go doesn’t mean you’ve given up. Letting go just means you’ve decided to move forward to something better. And that something better is the calmness that you’re in need of. We all need it.

Staying calm when stressed doesn’t mean we’ve lost. It only means that we’re setting ourselves up for a win. At times, stepping away from a situation allows us the opportunity to see it clearer. It is only through that clarity are we able to make good from it all. So when the going gets tough, let the tough go. Allow yourself the peace, the calm you need to keep going.

Join me next week for Episode #54 – How to Manage Mental Health in a Relationship. Every relationship has its challenges. We already find it hard to deal with our differences as it is. But what happens when our mental health is involved? This is one topic that’s worth discussing.

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