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Episode #54 – How to Manage Mental Health in a Relationship

mental health relationshipsManaging mental health alone is a challenge in itself. Can you imagine adding someone else to the equation? We are all into different things and we each have our pet peeves. That is why making any relationship work requires effort.

Stress plays a great role in getting things right the way we want them. We all affect each other in some way with our differences. Therefore, it’s only right to understand how mental illness in relationships can affect those involved. Not only the one going through it, but also the one going through with it.

As rough as it may seem, mental illness does not have to be so hard on your relationship. It’s easy for mental health to be an illness on which your relationship is centered on. But it doesn’t have to be the end-all in your marriage or relationship despite the stress. Reducing stress in that aspect takes some investing. There are ways you can actually overcome it.

Managing a Relationship with Mental Health

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone that has been diagnosed, there’s a way. Here are some tips that can help you manage mental health below:

Having Sympathy Makes for Support

It wasn’t until I visited a support group did I understand how mental health affects relationships. I sat in a group amongst 6 members that had been battling this condition firsthand. Some in relationships and some not. It wasn’t until they started sharing did I realize how ignorant I had been to this topic.

As the stories went around the circle, it was clear to me just how challenging things could be. The stories were touching as I learned so much in such a short period of time. You see, as a man in society, there’s an expectation as to what you should be able to handle. The reality is, mental illness can bring one to their knees. Therefore, without the proper assistance, things can only go downhill.

I was able to see the different levels of this condition they were experiencing. One thing the one’s suffering had in common was their sympathetic partners. You see, there’s an uncertainty that their partner may not want to put up with them. They fear that, because of this condition, their marriage may be short-lived.

Learn How to Manage Mental Health

We can’t always control what life throws our way, neither can they. For this reason, it’s important that we let them know that we are there for them. It’s important that they know and feel the love. Get educated.

Just like I once was, many are ignorant about mental health and how it affects relationships. With so much misleading information out there it’s imperative that we search wisely. The best way to determine how to manage mental health is by seeking quality psychological assistance. Seek out information on and offline. It’s out there. Just make sure they’re reputable and rightfully recommended.

manage mental health

I must say, had I not had the opportunity to sit down with these amazing folks, I wouldn’t have searched. Sometimes, in hopes of helping someone, you can lose them if your approach isn’t right. I had the opportunity to learn what they’ve been through. And I had the opportunity to learn how their loved ones were able to extend constant support.

Empower, Don’t Control

With all the knowledge in the world, it’s important to refrain from acting as their therapist. Never overstep your role. You must remember you are their partner in this relationship, not the expert. The knowledge you accumulate is only for the sake of helping you understand. It’s not for you to study and diagnose them.

At the end of the day, those with mental illness are the only ones capable of progress. It is their responsibility to manage their mental health. We just need to be able to empower them to do so. Becoming a crutch or an enabler doesn’t help the situation. Therefore, they must take ownership of their well-being and progress and how it affects the relationship.

Get the Necessary Assistance

In order to process your feelings in a healthy manner, therapy may be needed. It’s a great way to get a different perspective and guidance you need to better gauge where you are. Being a partner of someone with mental health can be frustrating, at times exhausting. But where there is love, there is a way.

manage mental health

All of these emotions can be eased with the help of a professional, providing the proper counseling. Together, with the help of a counselor, the relationship can be strengthened. With their guidance, the two can prevent the relationship from taking an unhealthy turn. Without the proper tools, the ‘healthy’ partner can easily blame the other for the wrong. But when combining love and mental illness there leaves no room for such actions. In other words, with love, all is possible.

A successful relationship doesn’t allow mental illness to destroy what they’ve been able to build. They continually strive to manage themselves so that they are able to overcome it together. Be responsible for each of your actions and how you respond to every challenge that presents itself. Remember, it takes two. Therefore, together, it is possible and together you can win.

Join me next week for Episode #55 – Simple Ways to Learn to Love Yourself and Be Confident. One thing we all owe ourselves is love. There’s no way around it for it is key in creating the love you desire. You might want to check my book out to see how I was able to attain it for myself.

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