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Episode #55 – Simple Ways to Learn to Love Yourself and Be Confident

love yourself

If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. In other words, when you love yourself, you are showing the world how you ought to be treated. You are the guide, the leader, the key to the treatment you deserve. If you show them the way, they will follow.

I know this. It wasn’t until I fell in love with myself, did I understand what that feelin was. Everything that it represented was inside of me. It was the feeling many look for outside that lives within. No longer did I need to be fed as I was already full.

It wasn’t a matter of me learning how to love myself. It was a matter of me accepting and embracing what I already knew was there all along. You see, when you love yourself, you feel it. No words could ever substitute that feelin. The more you shower yourself with it, the more alive you’ll feel.

We all look around us for the things we should already possess. The problem with that is, it’s like looking across the street for something right in front of you. The question is, how do you love yourself when you don’t even know what that feelin is?

Well, that feelin is one’s willingness to put someone else’s well-being over their own. Self-love is the best because it refocuses all of your attention towards yourself. It’s acknowledging that you are the most important person in your world, realizing that you matter.

How to Love Yourself

When I pinpointed what I didn’t want, I quickly learned how to love myself. Sometimes not having allows you to appreciate having. As some like to say, without bad what would good be?

I’ll share a few pointers with you, but just know that patience is key. In order for any change to take place, patience is necessary. That means, you can’t expect for you to get it all the first time around. Through your own imperfections, your journey begins. And through your imperfections, an amazing adventure.

Set an Intention

What’s your intention? What is it that you are trying to create for yourself? Is there a reason as to why you seek ways to love yourself? There has to be right?

For me, I knew that what I had been experiencing was not what I wanted my life to be. I knew that, through myself, I could experience another level of living. All that I needed was to tap into a limitless source within that would allow me that opportunity.

It all started with my willingness to be happy. It was through my wanting to experience this joy that I found out how to love myself. It’s amazing how the two go hand in hand. After all, if you’re loving yourself, I see no reasonlove yourself to not be happy. Love is a beautiful thing for you to marvel at. It not only heightens your quality of life, but it helps you see the beauty far beyond where you currently stand.

Patience Will Take You Further

Patience is key, as they say it. Nothing happens overnight. And although it takes work, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Only through patience can that be achieved. Only through patience can you enjoy the process.

This journey of more self-love is eternal. Therefore, no need to set a deadline or a time limit. It’s important that you spend the rest of your life learning to love yourself more and more each day. With so much to navigate through, it’s vital that we’re constantly reminded of our mission. Life only begins the moment you begin to feed your soul.

Without that spiritual food, we’re just as good as dead. It’s far too easy to live a dead life rather than to live one alive. After all, just because you’re walking and breathing doesn’t mean your living. There’s a huge difference between existing and truly living. The moment you learn how to love yourself more the faster you enter the dimension of living.

You’re going to make mistakes along the way. Embrace it. It’s like riding a bike for the first time. You’ll fall a few times, but you’ll be up and running before you know it. more self loveAllow your mistakes to be your building and not your falling. It’s a beautiful journey.

Celebrate the Love You’ve Acquired

Every step of the way is vital, every single step. Therefore, celebrate every chance you get. You will notice these mini shifts that take place throughout your journey. Don’t forget to celebrate those. Because each part of your journey contributes to getting you to your end destination.

I celebrate till this day. Each day of life for me is a reminder of how much more I get to love myself. It drives my decisions for each day and the way I react to what life throws my way. I always ask myself, “What’s more important to me at this very moment? Is this temporary challenge worth me trading in the love and happiness I want to maintain? What’s this temporary speed bump to this long-term feelin I’m looking to sustain?”

With the answer to those questions comes a shift, a moment of celebration. I celebrate because every day presents an opportunity. The question is, what will I do when it presents itself? I celebrate because every decision I make to stay the course, I’m rewarded with that feelin. A feelin I experience when I remain in love with myself. It’s time you not only learn how to love yourself, but to stay in that love. Make that your new full-time job. Better yet, make it your full-time living. It’s worth every second.

Join me for Episode #56 – How to Deal Efficiently With the Challenges of Your Life. Self-love is an essential part of living. Therefore, being able to navigate through our daily challenges so that we stay the course is important. When that time comes, which will you choose?

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