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Episode #56 – How to Deal Efficiently With the Challenges of Your Life


No matter how far we’ve made it, we always have so much more to go. Challenges don’t stop, they just keep coming in different forms. It’s not about what comes our way, it’s more about how we choose to deal with it.

We all come from different walks of life. Therefore, what may seem like a challenge to one person may just be a walk in the park for the next. The more you go through, the smaller things become. In other words, the more you go through life, the more very little things affect you.

I know that life’s journey is partly based on what it decides to throw our way and others our choices. We don’t ask for it all, but we do contribute to some. So when it comes, keep your eyes open. As long as you find growth, it’s worth going through.

I’ll list a few things for those dealing with personal challenges. Read, meditate, then apply where you see fit.

Live Within Your Reality

We spend more time running from things rather than facing them head-on. Everything that we choose to avoid doesn’t become our reality. It becomes an illusion option we’ve decided to go with. And as long as you are not living your truth, you are not living a reality.

The best way to handle life challenges is by not allowing them to be. I know it sounds a little complicated, but it’s simple. You see, our daily life problems are only what we put weight on. If we don’t weigh ourselves down, how can we be heavy?

It is important that we live within the reality. Not what we want it to be, or think it is, but what it really is. Stay in reality. The more we live there, the more we embrace it, the more we’re are able to handle life challenges when they present themselves. It’s all in building the muscle. The more you build, the stronger you get.

Embrace the life you live, as it is. Live in the NOW. Be present and enjoy what is happening. Enjoy not only the ups, but also the difficulties in life as well. Nothing ever stays the same. Life is constantly changing. Therefore, the more we can learn to accept things, the more we start to live. When we surrender ourselves to the truth, the reality, we’re able to navigate and see things more clearly.

Who are Your Challenges For?

challenges in life

Too many times do we allow an outside source to shift our reality. Our reality isn’t what someone wants it to be. It’s what we want it to be. Dealing with these issues can be a little conflicting. Because all we end up doing is sacrificing our path, our lives, for the sake of someone else’s.

In reality, sometimes the challenge is more about ourselves than it is about what’s in front of us. We all experience difficulties in life, but how much of them do we continue to put on ourselves?

Like I always say, it’s not always about the challenge, it’s how you deal with it. Because when it’s all said and done, you are the only ones that must deal with the consequences. Nobody else.

Do it for you. Do it because it makes you feel good. Any other reason would be a disservice to your existence. At the end of the day, you are the author, you own your script, nobody else. Whatever you do, take your time and do it right.

The biggest challenge in life isn’t actually living. Living is easy. Our biggest challenge is in the way we allow ourselves to live.

There’s No Rushing It

Take your time. There’s more than one way to handle life challenges. Some work more than others. Our goal isn’t just about attacking. It’s about choosing the best route. There’s no rush to getting things done.

The pressure is never outside of you, it’s internal. Whatever you do, there’s no need to fight yourself when attempting to win. Sit still, the answer is there, inside of you. You just need to listen to what that voice, the God in you, is saying.

No matter your circumstances, the next move for you to make, is in you. Too many times do we focus on where we want to be than where we actually are. We can easily get to where we want to get. We just need to first handle what’s in front of us. In due time, it’ll come.

Embrace That Feelin from Our Challenges

facing challenges in life

At the end of the day, a challenge isn’t something we are unable to overcome. It’s just something we’ve either never seen or have never dealt with. Embrace it for it presents an opportunity, for you to grow from.

I believe that a smooth path could never define us as must as our dealing with challenges. We’re not built by the calm. Rather, we’re all built by the storm. Despite how bad it looks, how it comes out is what makes all the difference.

Part of life’s beauty includes who we become as a result. Without the challenges how could we ever be tested? I call difficulties in my life, my exam. Now that I’ve said I am, who will I present to be? These exams hold me accountable. They prove my words to be whatever I want them to be.

Whatever our experiences, that feelin is all apart of the process. Embrace it, for you have more to gain than you could ever lose from it all. A challenge doesn’t mean it’s over, it only means it’s your time!

Join me for Episode #57 – How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You. This your life for you to live, no one else’s. The world will always have its opinion. At the end of it all, the quality of life you want to live is the only thing that matters. When living, I hope you choose your life before you choose somebody else’s.

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