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Episode #57 – How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

stop worrying

You couldn’t achieve your highest if you didn’t stop worrying about what anyone outside of you had to say. You’re the only person that should matter. You’re world, your story to write.

I remember feeling anxious right before an exam. Better yet, right before a speaking engagement, allowing the event to outweigh the actual moment. If I felt good about what I was doing, why did that feeling take over? Why did I allow that good ol feelin to dwindle?

The reality is, subconsciously, I was letting the fear of what people think takeover. And to be honest, many of us struggle with this same idea. For some reason, we’ve allowed the opinions of others to override that of our own. Therefore, we allow our truth to take the back seat to the opinions of others.

Who are you really? What are your talents? Is there anything you truly believe in? What are your values? Think about these questions thoroughly because answering them will stop the worrying. Because the worries aren’t what you’re about. They’re what you take on from others.

If you don’t allow your true self to shine, you’re only limiting the amazing results from reigning through. Allowing the opinions of others to breathe, kills whatever it is you’re trying to create. Don’t play it safe and don’t surrender to what it is that stands in your way. You only get what you believe you deserve and what you believe you’re capable of getting. Be on your side, not against it.

Why We LIve the Opinions of Others

stop worrying about others

It’s like this since the beginning of time. It’s just something we’ve become accustomed to. Our focus has always been on the outward. Part of it has to do with our wanting to be accepted by the world around us. In other words, we focus so much on the opinions of others, we fail to build ourselves up. In turn, we prepare for failure versus a preparation to win.

We walk into a room with our heads low than with our heads high. We look to be lifted, rather than accepting our height. Our focus becomes a major factor in the outcome we find ourselves in. That feelin is replaced with the build-up of anxiety and the pressure we put on ourselves.

What’s your mind telling you? Are there thoughts living there that prevent you from presenting your best? Whatever it is that you be thinking, it’s important that you start redefining things. If you don’t stop worrying about what others are thinking, you will adopt their way of living. Could you imagine handing your life over to someone? After all, they already have their life to live and you’re giving them yours in addition.

No need to warn yourself of an event that doesn’t even exist. Focus on what you know. It’s no one’s business but yours. We all have a presence, a message that contributes to the world. How much do you embrace and take ownership of it all? The moment you diminish the opinions of others compared to yours, the moment you’re set free.

I Matter

By acknowledging myself, I show that I matter, that not caring what others think awakens me. The best way to stop worrying about others is by worrying more about ourselves. Therefore, our business will never flourish if we continue on the businesses of others. It’s your time!opinions of others

Never allow the thoughts of others to gain power over yours. The pen that is in your hand is what writes your script. You are responsible for making sure that it is properly written. You own the power you possess and no one else.

Once you’ve accepted that reality, you allow the power within you to flow. Therefore it is important that you take ownership of your goodness. Taking ownership not only puts the fear of opinions of others to sleep, but it’ll wake up the light in you. When you are in alignment with your gift, it’s easy to stop worrying about others and what they think. So if a negative thought even sneaks in, take a deep breath. It’ll help you reset your mind.

Be aware of who you are. Sometimes we navigate life thinking we know who we are, but yet, only getting an idea. In other words, you want to be at your best if you are to stop worrying about others. And being your best is reliant on your awareness, where you are in the current moment. At the end of the day, if you don’t shine, how will they see you? Better yet, how will you see yourself?

Stop Worrying and Be Set Free

Do me a favor. Stop worrying about the world around you. You are the world around you and King or Queen in your castle. Embrace your greatness and honor it so that when you step out, you see what you want the world to see. It’s all inward. Your greatness is powered by it.

Join me, next week, for Episode #58 – Proven Ways to Build Your Self-confidence. We must all own who we really are, presenting our authentic selves. It is necessary to not only you, but to the world around you. That’s your freedom. And when you are free, so is everyone in your presence,

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