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Episode #59 – How to Solve Your Biggest Problem Like a Consultant

 Your Biggest Problem

Your biggest problem isn’t you. It’s your approach towards the challenges you’re faced with. So, relax a bit and know that everything you need is within you.

As a consultant, your job is to solve problems. In other words, a consultant is someone that provides a new way of thinking, a new way of learning. Although the problem-solving skills aren’t always clear, I’ve got a few for you.

1. Be Aware

The best way to tell that something isn’t right is by always being aware. In other words, paying attention to oneself allows you the opportunity to detect when things aren’t right. In breaking down your problems, you must first be able to pinpoint that inner shift that takes place.

To detect these things, it’s important that you’re connected to what’s inside of you. Growing up, I’ve always struggled with migraines. And at times, as unbearable as they were, they would last as long as a week. Could you imagine someone pounding your head with a sludge hammer? Now could you imagine that feeling for a week straight?

I was going to sleep with a headache, hoping to wake up feeling better only to remain the same. I would wake up with one eye open with hopes of a relief. Although the pain was strong, I knew all along that there was something I was holding on to. It wasn’t because I really knew. But it was because I felt heavy. You solve your problem best when you are aware of where you always are.

2. Identify the Problem

What is it exactly that you are currently allowing to weigh you down? Are you acknowledging the problem or are you choosing to ignore it? The great part about this questions is that the answer is within you. Therefore, no need to look anywhere outside yourself to find it.

solve your problem

It’s like studying for an exam that you created. Why would you, right? No need to study for something that’s already inside of you. Identify the problem. You know what it is. If you are aware of yourself, where you stand, it’s in you to release.

I remember observing my uncle while in his store. I could’ve been enjoying him. But instead, I could feel a shift inside of me. Definitely not one in the direction I wanted. At that exact moment, now that I was aware, I had to identify what it was. Upon entering the state of truth, I came to realize that I had allowed my selfishness to take over. I couldn’t believe that it was all because of him enjoying himself while I couldn’t do what I wanted to.

The problem solving process was simple. And it was only because I had allowed the truth to live. After embracing the truth, I was able to let go so that joy could live through me again. I was also able to appreciate my uncle and the time we had to spend together. Your biggest problem isn’t what’s in front of you. It’s how you accept your current reality that helps create the next. Question is, where’s it all coming from?

3. Identify the Source

Knowing the problem is one thing, but understanding the source is what prevents a repeat. Life is a beautiful place to live when we are able to pinpoint the things that shift us. Through awareness, we are brought closer to where we are. Therefore the closer we get to ourselves, the closer we get to being free.

We all know the source. The question is, are we making room for clarity. The reality is, the truth lives inside of each and every one of us. What stands between us and the truth is what causes us what we refer to as problems. Once the problem has been identified, addressing what’s behind it becomes very easy. It gets easier to answer why or how if we’ve acknowledged that something is there.

breaking down problems

But what happens when you’ve identified that problem? Are you satisfied or are you ready to move on to the next step? Freedom awaits your direction.

4. Solve Your Problem

How did this problem come to be and how could you have done things differently? Acknowledging a problem alone doesn’t solve it, does it? Of course not. Solving a problem means that we have taken back our present and have chosen to reject the past.

The best problem-solving method helps us move on. It doesn’t keep us behind. What were you able to take from your experience? Were you able to build or do you still feel broken? When we solve our problems fully we free ourselves and give ourselves permission to live.

Join me next week for Episode #60 – How to Live Happy and Courageously in Life. Life’s curveballs can send us running for the hills. But the responsibility we have to ourselves, to our existence should allow us another option. Let’s explore those options.

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