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Episode #6 – How Good It Is to be Loved by You

How good it is to be loved by you. Sounds like a song right? The thought of it being a song makes you feel kinda good. Before I get started, I want us to bring it in on this one. I mean dig inside. In other words, seek within.

For the rest of this episode, I will be talking about you and you only. I don’t want to focus on anyone else outside of that. Because to even entertain that would be a waste of your time. It would be me saying that people control you. Therefore, not acknowledging your greatness and your ability to present your shine.

Being surrounded by a world of outward focus, it’s important for us to find the best in our worlds. You’ll have no idea how good it is to be loved by you until you start giving yourself some of that lovin. Trust me, you deserve it. We all do. The more our focus continues to be on the things outside of ourselves the more empty we’ll feel.

I’m not saying to only live within. I’m saying to start there. It feels good to be loved and appreciated by loved by youothers. That’s natural. But all of the outside awards and accolades mean nothing if you don’t feel inside the things you’re receiving. That means long before the awards you should’ve already awarded yourself.

Acknowledge Love by You

I was talking to one of my young brother Omari yesterday about this. You should always accept and embrace yourself enough to know what you have to offer. In other words, you should always know what you’re worth. If so, you’ll be able to tell and show the world instead of the world telling you. In order to tell your story with confidence, you must first convince yourself that it is worth telling. To convince yourself you would have to have embraced you. And only through accepting and loving who you really are can you find a reason for embracing.

I think we get so caught up in receiving from others, we neglect to feed ourselves. You are your source of love and you are your source of light. The world could contribute, but could never give you the ultimate gift you’re responsible for giving yourself. Love.

We hug pillows more than we hug ourselves and we cater to others more as well. Love all, give all, but never forget to fuel the car before you drive it. So fuel yourself and fill yourself up because it’s a long journey ahead. And I’m assuming you’re in it for the long haul right? Most definitely

See Love Through Your Eyes

The mirror is an amazing invention. It helps us see ourselves for what we really are. While that is true, what’s the use is the mirror if the lens we’re looking through alters our vision. That is why it is important that we constantly check our vision, our way of seeing ourselves. If the light we see ourselves isn’t one to boast about, why would we expect anyone else to care?

If we don’t find value in ourselves, what good is the value people place on us? You mean to tell me what people say about you matter more to you than what you think of yourself? If so, like the movie, you’re gone with the wind. You’re as good as a paper plate in a tornado. Therefore, you’ll continue to be bounced around based on what people say about you. I’m sure none of us want that. Set yourself up to be loved by you.

When the foundation of love is built by you, the walls people build on top of it can stand stronger. They can withstand any storm because what they stand on, you secured yourself. And what you build no one can tear apart, but you. How good it is to be loved by you.

When They See You’re Loved by You

The best feeling you could ever experience is stepping into you. Stepping into your shine and owning it. It’s important that you, that we understand the limitless to our gifts. No wall, mountain, or any barrier can ever be taller than the length we possess to get over it.

When the world can see that you’re loved by you, that’s when you know it’s clear. Love isn’t just a word. It’s an action, a way of life. So live your life in love with your existence. Embrace every inch of your being and what you have to offer. In doing so, anyone that comes in your presence will be compelled to do the same.

You set the standard. Rather, you are your standard. When that is set in place, the view you have on the world will be compared to a view atop a mountain. Because once you can acknowledge yourself, you can then see the world from another angle.

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