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Episode #60 – How to Live Happy and Courageously in Life

live happy

Be happy with yourself just the way you are. Don’t allow the heaviness of the world to weigh you down. In other words, live fearlessly so that you always shine through. Your shine is not only necessary for you, it’s also necessary for everyone in your presence.

No matter what the day serves you, know that your will to live happy should always be primary. Whether it be a change in career or a relationship, approach it courageously. Don’t allow the voice of doubt to overpower your experience. Because you are the creator of your life, the author of your script.

Sometimes our fears of the unknown puts us in a state that undermine our full potential. And when we undermine ourselves we lose our forward movement. In my book Feel the Life You Live – 7 Commandments to Live and Die Byavailable for preorder, I speak on the necessary steps towards experiencing a better living. The best way to live happy is to create a way of living that supports that idea.

In this book, I provide the tools that will remind you what you need to be happy with yourself. Instead of allowing fear to prevent things, you can convert it into something more positive. To live fearlessly doesn’t mean that we do not experience fear. On the contrary, it means despite of fear, we will still find the courage to live a life we deserve.

Live More Fear Less

Life is short. Therefore, no use wasting a moment in the things that add little to no value. Instead, to focus our lives, our energy on the things that feed us, in turn, making us full.

If we are to overcome fear, it’s important that we embrace fear. It’s important to realize that everything is temporary. What comes, must go, and what goes, will come again. So don’t worry about the temporary things we lose for we’ll have many more experiences. And don’t worry about the things we’re experiencing because they too, shall pass.

When we live fearlessly, we allow our experiences on this earth to be limitless. We allow our lives to take the form it requires for us to get the most out of it. It’s not about simply giving. Rather, it’s about emptying ourselves so be happy with yourselfthat we have the best experience possible. That’s what living is to me. When it’s all said and then, if we still have something left, we haven’t fully lived.

Allow Yourself to Live Happy

Be not the question. But rather, be the answer to the many questions you have. After all, you possess all of the answers, for you are in control. You have the power and the will to do so.

Live fearlessly so that you give yourself  and everyone around you a chance. Whether you know it or not, your story isn’t just about you. It’s about the audience you create along the way. It’s about the many that rely on it to create theirs. So live more and fear less. Cheer more with less stress. Allow, allow, allow, so that everything you want and desire, comes.

Your courageous life will feed so many people. From my life experience, I find that my being full is fueled by how others around me are fueled by what I do. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The world relies on each and every one of us to remain full. We all have a role to play and it is necessary that we know how important our roles are. Dive into you so that others see your beauty. Dive into you so that others see their beauty. We are all mirrors. And as mirrors, we have the ability to do so much for those in the world around us.

Fearless LIving is You

You are capable of doing whatever you see fit. It’s both your world and your story. Therefore, write it all out so that you assure that you get the best out of your journey. It is not only possible, but it is also necessary.

live fearlessly

The world needs your smile. In fact, the world needs your best. So as a major contributor to the world, give in. Your courage in life will inspire many. Be as fearless as you can so that others find strength in you. You are light, you are beautiful, you shine.

Join me for Episode #61 – Simple Ways to Practice Self-love. It’s one thing to love others, but what good is the love you give if the love within isn’t in tact. In order to give love, you might want to make sure the source is full.

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