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Episode #61 – Simple Ways to Practice Self-love

What does it mean to you to practice self-love? We’ve all been taught what love is. For one thing, we’ve all been told who we should love and who to associate our love with. But what about us? What about you? I guess that’s a questions many of us fail to ask ourselves.

You are not only special, you are also unique. That’s because there is no one in this world that mirrors your beauty. You deserve to be loved, not just by Practice Self-lovethose around you, but by yourself as well. I know it’s not always easy. After all, you’ve neglected yourself thus far. Therefore, your ability to practice self-love may be a little challenging. But the truth is, it’s doable.

On your road to finding ways to love yourself, it’ll take time. That’s why it’s important that you trust the process. It’s one you’ll definitely enjoy, one definitely worth living. So take a deep breathe, and enjoy the beauty of the journey ahead. I can tell you personally, despite the challenge, it’s one worth going through. Because once you get on the other side, a new world will be presented before you.

Practice Self-love Through Affirmations

As I mentioned before, we spend so much of our lives giving outward, that it’ll take time to redirect it all. Many of you may be stuck between finding ways to love yourself and giving it all away. Moreover, redirecting that idea is a task of its own.

In order to make the process easier, it’s important that we ask ourselves the right questions. I know throughout my journey I had to ask myself these very questions. Why me? I know that finding self-love is necessary, but what makes me so deserving of it?

One thing was for sure, I knew what it felt like to lack love for myself. I knew what that void felt like. And I knew what was necessary for that void to be filled. I later found that self-love is the best love you can allow yourself to experience. It’s a feeling that no one can give to you. It’s one that only you are responsible for, no one else.

So wake up to that idea. Every single day, I had to remind myself how much I needed more self-love. When I looked in the mirror I had to look beyond what I saw so I could see what was within. It wasn’t just about a word. It was more so about a feelin. And that good ol feelin was one I knew I needed to experience. And what better moment than NOW.

The best thing you can do is be a constant reminder of your greatness. If not you, then who? No one else can do it better than you can for you know who you are. Are you are both the salesman and the buyer love yourself moreof your amazing product? The best ways to practice self-love is by presenting that version of you on a daily basis.

Love YOurself Like You’re Dating YOurself

How do you show others you love them? I’m sure it comes easy because that’s what you were taught. When you look for ways to love yourself, think about what makes your feel good. After all, you’ve been devoting yourself to those around you haven’t you? Well, now is your time. And this time, you get to share the experience you’ve been able to share with others.

When dating, your goal is to wow the one you’re pursuing. You aim, with every encounter, to let that person know that you’re there, that you’re present. You not only show up, but you show out. Finding self-love is no different.

The only difference is, you get to worship yourself more. When you practice self-love you are able to penetrate pass the exterior. The life you live becomes a life you feel. The truth is, when you love yourself, you allow space for everyone else to as well.

Take yourself out on dates and pamper yourself. Why not go for a massage so that you maintain this beautiful vessel you’re living in? Better yet, why not go get all dressed up and eat out at a fancy restaurant? It’s only right considering that you would’ve done it for someone else.

More Self-love Equals More Self Worth

Shower yourself with love, self-love. The more self-love you pour onto yourself, the more protected you are from toxicity. And the more protected you are from toxicity, the further your mind will be from toxic beliefs. As they say, the mind is a powerful thing to waste.

I found that the more I loved myself the more protected I was from certain energies. For me to practice self-love meant I found something worth fighting for. I felt worthy of such an honor, a new way of living, a new way of being.

Finding self-love means I was willing to take full responsibility of the outcome of my life. It meant that I would allow myself to maintain the awareness necessary to sustain such an idea. It would not only affect the way I projected myself, but it would also affect the way I felt. And to me, the feel is everything.

Join me next week for Episode #62 – Cheap and Easy Ways to be Kind to Yourself. Part of loving yourself is understanding the value of being kind to yourself. So many things come with kindness. What you gain brings you closer to yourself than you can ever imagine.

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