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Episode #62 – Cheap and Easy Ways to be Kind to Yourself

be kind

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, especially to yourself. It’s as simple as doing onto someone else as you would want them to do to you. After all, that’s something we’ve all grown up hearing, isn’t it? As basic as it seems, we’ve been taught to do onto others, but not much for ourselves.

I know the drill, especially growing up in the culture I’m from. I was always taught to consider others before I acted. How would this person feel if I were to act out my thoughts? Better yet, how would I feel if someone had expressed those same sentiments towards me?

We’re always motivated to reach out to the ones we love and give back  when possible. We’re also taught to be a shoulder to those in need. But, how often are you encouraged to be kind to yourself and others? Not many as the focus always tends to be outward.

With so much going on in each of our lives, it is common for us to completely forget the self-care we need. And to be honest, it is sometimes necessary for us to be selfish in order to get ourselves together. It is important that we provide ourselves with the option to refuel ourselves when needed. We need to pay attention to the way that we feel so that we always show up as we must to the world.

I grew up living such an outward view that I was always neglected. In other words, I spent all of my time tending to others while overlooking all of my needs. It was as if the needs of others became my needs.

When the Going Gets Rough

No matter what life serves us, we must remember to treat ourselves kindly. Just like love, you must be kind to yourself in order to understand what true kindness is. The way you treat yourself has a direct effect on how you treat others. After all, how can you do onto someone what you’ve yet to do for yourself?

 be kind to yourself and others

Life is a roller coaster ride. Many of us enjoy the rise, but not many of us understand how to deal with the downward. Life is a constant test. And I believe we are being tested out of accountability. That means, are we staying committed to our commitments? Are we ok with the process only when it’s working? What about when things don’t go our way?

Despite the position we find ourselves in, being kind to yourself should never be an option. It should be an automatic way of living. Remember, you are the standard. You not only set the standard not only for yourself, but for others as well.

Then again, how are you to be kind to yourself if you have yet to acknowledge yourself. Too many times do we allow others the key to our vehicle. That means that we others to see far me within us than we see in ourselves. Have you given yourself the proper attention? Have you awarded yourself for the greatness you currently possess? If not, you might want to start now. It’s never too late to shower yourself with self-love. It’s necessary.

Be Kind by Being Grateful

The best way to acknowledge yourself is by way of gratitude. Have you taken the time to shower yourself with the appreciation you deserve? Have you even taken the time to acknowledge how far you’ve come? If not, you should put some thought into that. Because your time is NOW.

I know that to be kind to myself is to acknowledging my existence and what it represents. I am the only Giovanni of my kind. No one else exist like me. That in itself is a major accomplishment for me. I celebrate knowing that I’ve sustained a uniqueness within me that is unmatched. For this reason, I am filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for everything I was given. But most importantly, I’m grateful for everything I am and becoming. I am not only grateful for where I am, but I am also grateful for where I am going. If you are looking for ways to be kind to yourself, you might want to first check the mirror. One thing about the mirror is, it doesn’t lie.

be kind to yourself

So take the time to see you for the gift that you really are. Because when we see good, we do good. When we know we are deserving of something we tend to give it to ourselves. So take a good look at who you are and where you are so that you serve yourself accordingly.

Being kind to yourself isn’t debatable. It should be something that remains on your to do list, daily. Are you not grateful for your mind? Your soul? Your spirit? Are you not grateful for your contributions in this world? Well, you should be. I know I would be, if I were you.

Give in to You

Give in to yourself. Embrace the gift so that you bless the gift. Shower yourself with the kindness and love you deserve. You’ve earned it, and rightfully so. Be kind with yourself and understand the affect of that kindness. When the world has seen the standard, it adapts to it.

You serve as your guide, the ‘how to’ instructions to your life. What you show is what you’ll in turn receive. Hug on yourself, love on yourself, so that others are prone to do the same. You are the one others look to to understand how to treat you. Therefore, show them well and be the representation you want others to follow. You are not only the writer, but you are also the director of your great script.

Join me next week for Episode #63 – Steps to Evaluate Your Life Every Day. Life is always happening. That is why we must be cognizant of how we allow ourselves to react. As they say, play the game, but don’t let the game play you. When life serves you with an unknown, what will you choose to do with it?

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