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Episode #63 – Steps to Evaluate Your Life Every Day

No better way to self-growth than to evaluate your life every chance you get.  It’s easy to point the finger. Because when you do, you have nothing to deal with. It’s all about the person across from you, excluding yourself completely. How do you motivate yourself to think past that?

What does your life mean to you? What do you want out of it? I’m sure you took the time to think about all of this, right? After all, I’m sure you have dreams and aspirations, don’t you? If so, what are you doing to account for these dreams?

If you involve yourself in as many conversations as I have, then you’ve probably heard it all. Too many times do we have all the words when it pertains to someone else. But as it pertains to ourselves, we find it easier to hold our silence.

The best thing you can do for yourself is address yourself. Reevaluate yourself so that you are always held to the highest of standards, your standards, that is. What direction is your life heading in? How does it compare to where you see life fit for yourself?

Life is constant work. There’s no going around it. No matter how amazing today is, it is vital that we wake up tomorrow ready to work all over again. Therefore, despite our lessons for today, tomorrow presents many more. With the many more that we’ve yet to encounter. As I love to put it, “Another day, another adventure.” So waste it doing anything less than what you truly love.

Evaluate Your Life So You Stay ALIVE

Keep yourself in check. And even then re-evaluate yourself to see to it that you’re checked in. With this amazing life, we’ve been blessed with, it’s important we remain present. So much is happening, so fast. Sometimes it’s important we stop and check in to see what’s happening within ourselves.

It wasn’t until I took the time to evaluate my life, did things change for the better. What was my life really about? Was it about the standard that I’d been served, or was it all me? And the honor it feels to know and feel, reevaluate yourselfthat I have that choice. To step into this world and present me as me. The honor it feels to acknowledge that I am ALIVE.

Where are you now in your life? Are you where you said you’d be? Are you keeping your promises to yourself? Life comes, and back around. Every day serves an adventure we all have the ability to win. The beauty in it all is, winning isn’t always beautiful. I like to call them hidden gems. Sometimes we may interrupt these wins as defeats, but little do you know, we’re winning.

Life is far from a straight. But life is far from a catastrophe. Evaluate yourself and hold yourself accountable for obtaining what it is you love, where you’re ALIVE. See, there’s a difference between being alive and ALIVE. There’s one you do, the other you feel. 

Flock with Those that Feed Your Soul

Speaking of feeling. Who do you surround yourself with? When I decided to evaluate my life I had to reevaluate my circle. The truth was, the people around me reflected who I was. I couldn’t possibly see myself around them today.

Who we hang around, we have the ability to become. We are an accumulation of the thoughts and ideas we’ve been exposed to. That’s why people that travel more see the world for what it is. They see the different perspectives, the many different ways of being. With that, they expand beyond their way of thinking.

Evaluate your life. Evaluate your circle. Make sure that what’s within you as well as what’s around you mirror the direction of your script. No matter what happens, keep the pen stroking. Drop it for no one. The camera is rolling at all times. Sometimes starting over is necessary. Despite our circumstances, with the pen in hand, we have the ability to do wonders.

I evaluate my life daily, and one thing I can say is that I’m constantly growing. With an urge to be fueled,  I am aware of the company that drains. Based on the way I want to vibrate, where I reside must be peaceful. Peace is more than words. Peace is a way of being, a way of thinking.

Aim High  So You’re Never Low

self-evaluate yourself

What’s your life projecting? Are you where your heart, your vision says you’re to be? If not, why not? What does it mean to you to achieve this feat? Whatever you do, I ask that you not take the easy way out. Surf your wave. Ride it through. Know that part of eventually surfing, is experiencing many falls.

The truth is, when you evaluate yourself and you evaluate your life, you grow. We fail a thousand times just to experience one moment of pleasure. When we look back, we celebrate the struggle. We find deep gratitude for what it has done for us. Enjoy the struggle, the temporary adventure that contributes to the muscle we’re constantly building.

We are all being built. It’s constant. It doesn’t end. Every day is an adventure, an opportunity to be ALIVE. Join me, next week, for Episode #64 – Most Important Milestone in Your Life to Grow Through. As my father always says, “Life’s a never-ending school.” Therefore, grab a pen and pad, and start writing your script along with the lessons it serves us all. You don’t want to miss this one.

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