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Episode #64 – Most Important Milestone in Your Life to Grow Through

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This life’s journey is worth your presence. Within this journey, you must create important milestones worth achieving. These are the components within our journey that fuels us and keeps us moving. In other words, it gives you a sense of purpose.

What are some milestones on the path to growing up do you believe can serve you most? We all know what the world expects of you. You know…go to school, get a degree, get married and have children. Don’t forget to get you some credit. Because “Credit is EVERYTHING,” I can still hear them say.

Time is changing and so should you if you haven’t already. Your way of living is before you. What will you choose, for even our Creator has allowed each of us free will? Therefore, use your WILL to create the life you desire. What is success to you? How do you define it?

We are constantly being tested. That’s life for ya. Behind is a test and behind every test is a testament. Those are the times that expose what you do when the world is asleep. Break all of your major goals into important milestones. Get it. Your name is already on it. It’s only yours for the taking.

The MOst IMportant Milestones Build

Now is your time. Give it everything you’ve got. And the most beautiful thing life could ever teach you is love. Not just any love,life milestone but the one and only love, self-love. So, fall in love and get your heart broken if you must.

Love is a beautiful thing, the most beautiful thing any species could ever experience. Not only that, but it offers many amazing lessons. That’s life at its finest. To grow through life means to see life anew.

To love, not only someone else but yourself as well is to stretch. When you love, you give. And when you give, through love, you receive. And from that exchange, you create a formula worth plugging into. One of the most beautiful lessons of love is to let go. You can never truly experience love if you are not willing to let go.

Did I mention UNconditional love? When I speak of love, that is the love I speak on. Set that important milestone of embodying love so that it finds you. I know every step takes you upward. And each one is just as important as the next. Such are these major milestones in your life. Each and every one of them matter.

Many of us think we fear love, but it isn’t love we fear. We only fear the idea of it not working out. If you’ve been heartbroken before. I’ll help you say it. “It is such a rewarding event.” There lies so much good in life if we are open to receiving them.

You not only experience the feeling of love and the beauty it creates. But you are constantly placed in growth zones. You are milestone in your lifefilled with opportunities to grow. From learning and writing your script to communicating it effectively.

Never Let Growth Go

Life is just getting started. Tap into these important milestones so that slowly create the ‘bigger picture’. Nothing happens overnight, and nothing is impossible.

The most beautiful growth lesson love provides is our ability to let go to love more. That means when we choose love, we diminish our problems. We realize that our focus is more on celebratory acts than those of negativity.

Each day lies an opportunity and each opportunity, a blessing. We’re only here for a good time, so make it all count. Once again, dream big, but take these important milestones seriously. Each one contributes to the overall dream. Therefore despite how small you break them up, as long as you keep at it, you’re moving.

These major milestones we’re each required to meet awaits us. Feel the life. There’s no way around living than just that. Life allows you the opportunity of experiencing every emotion. And you allow yourself the path of peace that will allow you such stability.

Join me for Episode #65 – Tips to Live a More Satisfying and Happy Life. As I mentioned above, life’s a short ride. If that is all I’m getting, why not make it count? Why not make it a happy one…one worth living?

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