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Episode #65 – Tips to Live a More Satisfying and Happy Life

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When it comes to the times we are currently living in, we could all use a few tips to live. And when I speak of living, I mean being truly ALIVE. Many of us think that simply allowing oxygen to flow in and out of our bodies is enough.

Mental health is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, many of us are just being educated on this topic. I know for me, it has definitely been a teachable moment. There were a lot of things I now have a better understanding of. Some find it harder to be happy in life than others, and that’s the reality.

As I always like to say, life is constantly happening whether we are open to receiving it or not. It is here. It is NOW. The best way to have a satisfying life is by embracing the many blessings you’ve been given. Believe it or not, there are many. blessings we receive daily. The question is, have you acknowledged them?

To be happy in life, our focus has to be in the right place. What we allow to take space in our minds must be meaningful. Therefore it is very important that we watch what we feed our minds. After all, we think it enough, we believe it. And once we start believing it, we become it.

I pride myself on life and living it thoroughly.  So it’s only right that I provide you with the tips to live that have saved me. Whatever you may be going through at the moment, just know that happier you is a better you.

To be Happy in Life is to be ALIVE

As the saying goes, “It doesn’t cost a thing to be happy in life.” Too many times do we fail to acknowledge the beauty this life has to offer. Take a deep breath. Now feel that breath. Then tell me what you feel. As a matter of fact, don’t tell me how you feel. Stay within that feeling.

If you’ve managed to feel the life inside of you, you’re a step closer. Because once you’ve acknowledged the life in you, you’ve actually acknowledged your existence. And once you’ve acknowledged your existence, you’re focusing on the most important person in your world. Just in case you haven’t noticed, that would be you.

live and be happy

Be happy with yourself. No need to be too hard as you are learning this game of life as you live it. If that isn’t the pure definition of freestyling, I don’t know what is. In this episode, I will provide you with about three different tips to live. For reference, to live is to walk, talk, and stand from within. That means, when you enter a space, your presence is felt.

Before a single word is uttered people get a feel of who and what you’re about. That’s what a satisfying life feels like.

Keep Ya Head Up

Like the famous Tupac once sang, “Keep ya head up!” In other words, be positive about this one life you’re given. The probability of things going right is just as likely as things going wrong. What is wrong anyway, right? That’s the mindset that blossoms when positivity takes over.

I found that when I think good, good happens. No matter the negative that is present, there is always a positive around the corner. If you keep this positive outlook, you’ll find more positivity.

A Little ‘You’ Time

We all need some me time. We are all energy. And when it comes to energy, it can only be transferred. Therefore, the more people you come in contact with, the more of yourself you give away. To be happy in life, you have to be able to let go of the things that overwhelm you.

Pay attention to yourself. Because when you do, you will feel when that alone time is necessary. You will realize why that little you time is valuable. Based on your culture, it may not be a comfortable conversation, but no need for shame. When it’s all said and done, you are human and every human can use some you time.

Tips to Live Amongst Others

to be happy in life

To have a happy life doesn’t mean being alone all the time. Of course, it makes sense to mingle. And of course, we all need someone. But the question is, who? If you are to be happy with yourself, you have to be happy with who you surround yourself with.

Who you surround yourself with, you eventually become. We are all products of who or what we expose ourselves to the most. You hang with people who smile, you’ll find your smiles to be many. You hang with angry people, you’ll be lucky to find a smile.

The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself. Sometimes all we need to do is let go. That’s right, let go of the opinions of others. Let go of the definitions others place on you and know that it is none of your business. Let not the worries of others become ours. And never allow another soul to take your pen in writing your story.

Join me for Episode #66 – Effective Tips to Overcome Stress and Anxiety. As I mentioned life is happening as we speak, NOW. Therefore, let’s do our part in taking care of ourselves. We are the sole provider of LIFE within our existence. We are all responsible for aiding ourselves through life. It’s your life, your story, and your creation. What will you allow it to be?

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