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Episode #66 – Effective Tips to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

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We all deal with stress differently. As a matter of fact, we are all affected by what life serves us on different levels. Therefore, we can each go to the same event, but yet, have a different experience. It makes total sense because we all experience life differently. When you overcome stress, you’ve created a new life for yourself.

Based on your walk of life, you may or may not know how to deal with stress. When you’ve been through enough, it becomes easier to deal with more. Although that isn’t always the case for all of us, many of us eventually build that muscle. The more you work that muscle, the stronger your dealings become.

At the end of the day, stress is just part of our journey. It can either serve us or break us down. Although it’s said to be natural, I beg to differ. When you think of a child it’s hard to imagine them overcoming stress. After all, what is there for them to worry about?

We start off in a carefree world, only to be reminded of the things that cripple us. Things change as we advance in our journey, from carefree to over care. In order to overcome stress, one must think of the source of it all. Where does it come from and why have we allow it so much dominance over us?

But now that we’re here, what are the different tools we can use to help deal with stress? What are the different tools we can use to help us transition into a place of peace? No need to fear for where there is no fear there is no enemy.

Stress and Anxiety Control


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Anything that makes you feel good can only do you right. One of the best ways to help bring the feel is by exercising. It not only helps improve our sleeping habits, but it also helps deal with stress. Study shows that those that start the day with an exercise tend to be in better moods.

People that exercise also tend to be less anxious and more positive. It’s always true that when you feel good your thinking improves. So, go for a run, dance the night away, swim, or simply move around. The gym is not the only place we can achieve this aspect of living. After all, it’s not about what you lack, it’s about how you use what you do have.

Eat Foods that Help Deal with Stress

Who knew that there were foods to help deal with stress. Have you ever eaten a meal that just made you feel bad? You know the feeling you get when you just can’t move? If so, there’s a great chance that you’re probably eating something you have no business eating.

The food you eat should always translate to the way you feel. There’s a huge difference between a Big Mac and having some good ol vegetables. One sets you free while the other only keeps you bound. Whatever you do, stick to a healthy diet. These foods affect the way you feel and how you manage stress.

Deal with Stress Through Meditation

Our minds are so filled with thoughts. These thoughts are influenced by what it is we may be going through at any particular moment. Therefore, if you happen to have a bill due that you’re unable to pay, stress visits. If you happen to lose your job, the same thing.

The best way to manage your stress is by emptying out your mind from the stored. We all tend to accumulate things in our minds that we are unable to control. We are all familiar with hoarding, but it all starts from the mind, mental hoarding.

stress management techniques

Meditation is great because it gives us a little time for ourselves. It allows us to look inwards so that we start peeling apart the things that do us a disservice. So find a space that’s quiet, relax, let yourself go, and allow the magic to take place.

Now that I’ve provided you with these stress management techniques, it’s your time. There is no better moment than the moment you are currently in. It’s all you have, all you know. Take full advantage of it.

Join me for Episode #67 – Simple and Effective Ways to Make Hard Decisions Easier. Life forces us to make a decision. Some of these decisions can be life-changing. The question is, what will you do when that life-changing moment comes?

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