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Episode #7 – How to Turn A Bad Day Around

It’s important to turn a bad day around quickly because life is too short.  No need to waste an inch of your time on things that don’t matter. Although it sounds cliche, it’s true. The reality is, a bad day doesn’t have to be.

Life is constantly throwing us unexpected curveballs. Regardless of how well we prepare, the inevitable will happen. Nothing we can do about it. That’s life. (lol) Does that have the ability to ruin our day? I’d say yes. But then my question would be, does it have to be? Definitely not!

I think that life is an amazing place to live and losing sight of that can cause us to give up so much for nothing.  There was this guy I met at the store the other day named Chuck. When I got to the register Chuck seemed frustrated over something. The reason I know his name is Chuck is because he was wearing his work badge. I said, “Hey Chuck don’t get so frustrated, everything is gonna be alright.” “I can’t find my wallet,” he replied. “If you relax a little, I promise you you’ll realize you overlooked it,” I replied. Chuck propped his jacket open, and there it was.

You Can Turn it All Around

I remember going out to an event with some friends, only to realize I couldn’t find my wallet. I could’ve sworn that I had placed it in my pocket. As a result, I spent the entire time stressing about all of the things I possibly lost. Because of my reaction, I threw my entire day away. In other words, a bad day was born. To turn a bad day around would mean a chance at life. So why not choose that option?

You wouldn’t believe what happen when I got home. As soon as I got into my room there it was on my bed. To believe that I was convinced I had placed it in my pocket the entire time. Think about your time and how you choose to use it. Time is precious, so why allow any circumstance to alter the feelin of living.

As I said before, things happen and things will continue to happen when weturn a bad day around least expect it. It’s called an adventure. There’s no need to panic. Nine times out of ten, the problem is never as big as we make it out to be. It’s the animation we create behind it that makes it seem like it. I believe our creator has empowered us with the ability to turn a bad day around like a switch.

Turn A Bad Day Into A Great One

A mother will hear her child cry and say, “Don’t cry, it’s ok. Everything is going to be ok.” At that very moment, the child will seize to cry. We tend to give ourselves excuses when we say, It takes time. Because when we se it takes time, we’re subconsciously giving ourselves permission to stay in an unforgiving state. What caused the child to stop crying wasn’t a miracle. By the mother saying it’ll be ok, the child was reassured, not by seeing, but by faith.

Reassurance is key in helping turn a bad day around. We really don’t need things to be ok, we just need to know that there’s a possibility. When we fall, the reason we don’t automatically slip into depression is because we know we can get right back up. Then life goes on.

The same works for life. Whenever a bad day creeps in, turn it around. Know that you have options that can make things better. Whether it be your perspective or removing yourself form a certain element, it’s possible. After all, life is way too amazing than to be investing our energy into things that don’t matter. To delay this process is to delay life itself. Therefore, no need to spend time thinking of the difficulties. Instantly know that it will be ok because it will.

You’ll find that whatever you feed the mind, it accepts.  And whatever the mind accepts, you’re able to realize. So stop wasting your time processing a narrative you don’t want your reality to be about. Accept and embrace the possibilities of better so that when a “bad” day presents itself, you’re able to turn it around.

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