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Episode #71 – Effective Ways to Brighten Your Mood Instantly

get in a better mood What are the current ways you seek to brighten your mood? With every one of us seeking a sustainable way of life, we’ll find that it’s not always easy. As a matter of fact, it only makes sense based on what we’re each going up against.

As I love to say, life is happening whether we’re keeping up or not. From one second to the next, things change. Therefore, it makes sense to figure out how to be in a good mood. After all, the constant change isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I guess Heraclitus was right when he said, “The only constant in life is change.”

There is nothing more true than this statement alone. That is why if your focus isn’t on finding ways to brighten your mood, you’ll find yourself in constant grief. I know you have expectations that you’d like to see met, But isn’t that every one of us? We all create goals with hopes of achieving them, but the truth is, not everything will pan out.

Despite the things we want and despite the work we put in, nothing is promised. We hear that hard work pays off. It’s not that it doesn’t. It’s just that it doesn’t appear the way we expect it to. For us, a win means a trophy, but sometimes the win isn’t so much the reward than it is the lesson. Therefore, if we focus on the lesson, there will be no losses. So lighten up the mood a bit and be accepting of the unexpected and the lesson behind it.

I’ll share with you a few ways you can effectively brighten your mood for the sake of growth. After all, it’s necessary.

How to Change Your Mood With Meditation

brighten up your mood

First of all, what’s meditation? Second of all, how will we benefit from making it part of our daily practice? Meditation is our way of practicing focus over our mind, body, and spirit. For instance, your breathing, the thoughts on your mind, and the options available in dealing with them.  So if you are to brighten your mood, be aware of the peace of mind that follows.

The space that you allow your mind will pay dividends. In other words, peace is necessary, something we should all aim to acquire. It not only relieves you of stress, but it also opens a door to calmness. Nothing is worth handling in an unstable manner. Be calm so that you allow yourself the opportunity to find ways to improve your mood.

Meditation is spiritual and has the ability to clear the mental clutter we keep in our minds. If there’s one thing I can refer you to to brighten your mood, it would be meditation. With the way this world is set up, it’s no wonder our minds work the way they do. But with meditation, all of the noise is silenced and put to sleep.

Take A Deep Breath so that You Lighten Up the Mood

Take a deep breath. There’s nothing else to it, but to breathe. It’s that simple. The good thing about it is you’re already doing it. You just have to be able to put more focus on each breath you take. It’s an intentional exercise that allows you to reconnect with your roots, your core.

There are many breathing techniques available for us all to learn. Give it a try. Take a breath, a long one; and hold it in. Don’t let go just yet. Give it about 10 seconds. Then as you breathe out, count 10 seconds again.

lighten up the mood

Repeat the process, breathing in and out through your count until you feel completely loose. This would be attributed to breathing and its ability to release body tension and mind relaxation. For me, each breath represents something deeper. It represents my presence, my existence, and my space within this world.

And with each breath that I’m experiencing, I am able to lighten up the mood just that much more. We all stretch ourselves, but it is these exercises that allow us to come right back to form. I know that life is happening, but why not let life start happening for us instead of the other way around?

Join me for Episode  #72 – Steps to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present MomentNothing is hard unless we give hard precedence. Stay here for a bit, because in the present moment, everything is easy. Because in the present moment, no problems exist.

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