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Episode #70 – Getting the Strength and Power From Your Own Vulnerability

strength in vulnerability We are all social beings. After all, we love being with people and want to be liked by them. But yet, you hide your own vulnerability for the sake of judgement. That means that you are only willing to show what others are more likely to approve of.

It seems like we want so much in exchange for nothing. We want to be successful.  We want others to be attracted to us. But that requires work. Therefore, showing vulnerability can cause us to lose everything we’re looking to gain. In turn, we hide our strengths believing that they will be translated into weakness. With that, we end up presenting a version of ourselves that doesn’t fully present who we really are.

I get it, but the truth is, that person we present will only last for so long. You can only hide for so long. Because there comes a time where pretending no longer becomes an option. You are who you are and presenting that you is what makes all the difference. And fortunately, your own vulnerability isn’t your trap. It’s actually your freedom.

That means that you are at your strongest, your best. That means your showing vulnerability is the key to the powers you actually possess. It also means that you are setting yourself up to live as freely and openly as you allow yourself to. At the end of the day, your truth is what brings you freedom. Not the truth of others that you’ve inherited.

Your vulnerability is courage because it frees you from the illusions of others. After all, the world means much more when each person is able to live within their truth. It is the combination of our truths that makes it so beautiful.

Born with Your Own Vulnerability

The beautiful thing we were all born with is our truth. That’s what showing vulnerability is all about. Brené Brown, the author of Rising Strong, stated, ” Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the fear of vulnerabilitycourage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s the greatest measure of courage.”

This means courage doesn’t lie in who we pretend to be. Courage lies in our ability to show up as who we really are, what we really feel. Anything less than that is a misrepresentation of who we really are.

When you live your truth you never have to look back, only forward. Although it can come across as a loss, showing vulnerability is always a win. We sometimes hide to keep from getting hurt, only to destroy intimate relationships along the way.

The truth is, we are all vulnerable despite how much we try to bury it. We all came out of the womb this way. All of our connections from birth have been built off of our showing vulnerability. That was when we were at our most putting our true selves on display.

I guess the question is, how do we get back there? How do we dig back into our core in order to find our better version? Unfortunately, the wall many of us have created only prevents us from presenting our truth to others.

Heal What You’ve Given Away

The good thing about life is that we have the ability to make right from our wrongs.  That requires self-examination. It requires that we look deep within ourselves. After all, that is the source right? That is where the answers to our many questions lie. Within.

We must be wise as to what we are feeding. Are we feeding our core, or are we feeding our ego, the surface? Remember, the ego protects the surface. That means it doesn’t want to let anyone in too deep as it is playing the safe game. On the other hand, vulnerability is like opening the door, letting the world in.showing vulnerability

When you think about it, all that we look to defend need not be protected. The protection we tend to apply is never necessary as it also serves as prevention. When you hide apart of yourself to protect against something, you in turn prevent things from being. You prevent things from becoming. It’s like standing in the way of the delivery person. How easy do you think it would be for you to receive your gift/package?

The same goes for our not showing vulnerability. When we stand in the way of our true selves, we prevent others from learning who we are. Trust your existence and the uniqueness that presents itself within. Your heart holds your truth. Therefore, listen to the voice that attempts to guide you through your truth through your own vulnerability.

Join me for Episode #71 – Effective Ways to Brighten Your Mood Instantly. Our moods change with the way we define what we’re experiencing. If we accept, all is well. But if we reject, we can find things going opposite to what we truly want. What if I told you that you can turn your mood around instantly? You might want to tune in for this one.

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