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Episode  #72 – Steps to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present Moment

There’s nothing like accepting the present moment. Within it, life is constantly happening and revealing to us what we need. Therefore, staying there is essential to your quality of living.

Too many times do we direct our attention towards temporary things instead of living in the present moment. About twelve years ago, I was a little disconnected. In other words, I found it hard to feel life as I was just going through it. There was nothing more I wanted than to experience something more full. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

The present process doesn’t always seem to align with our process. And our process, despite it being what we want, doesn’t always seem to serve us? Instead of our living in the present, we live either before, or after it, taking us further away from where it’s happening.

It’s the feeling you get when having a conversation, but watching people doing what you want to do. A distraction indeed. And when we’re distracted from what is, we fail to experience it all together.

It wasn’t until my mission change did the course of my life change as well. See, I was too consumed by what I wanted and less what I needed. What I wanted faded but what I needed helped me attain what it is I wanted. It’s funny how it works, isn’t it? Lesson learned? Live for you, not for them.

Accepting the Present Moment

This is something we are all going through. It’s more common than you think. As a matter of fact, we are more separated from the moment more than anytime before. We find more reasons to run than to stay grounded and connected, keeping us from being in the moment.

focus on the present

Many of us fear the thought of truly feeling our emotions. We fear that if we open the door to them, they may just take over. Therefore, allowing ourselves to be further and further separated from our core. However, I realized when I allow space for my emotions without blockage, it subdues. It may hurt a little, I may even cry, but the cleansing that takes place in the process is priceless.

Accepting the present moment has also helped me tap into the creator I was born to be. In other words, it allowed me to free my mind of clutter, allowing space for the current moment. Enjoying the moment doesn’t mean that I have to ignore what’s coming. It just means I get to take in fully what’s happening.

Be Aware of Your Emotions and Thoughts

On this great journey of endless growth, I learned the power of awareness and how it relates to my consistency. Emotions don’t stick around because they were set up that way. I think I heard that emotions last about ninety seconds. If that’s the case, why do we tend to hold on to them for so long? And how does it prevent us from living in the present moment?

stay in the moment

Being the observer of your thoughts is so powerful. It allows you to know long before you were ever told. After all, how can someone tell you about something you’re constantly observing? I remember being intentional about the way I joked with my peers. I no longer wanted the fun of all to be at the expense of one.

Too many times did I indulge myself of making fun of others. I wanted everyone to feel good, not just a selected few. I wanted everyone to walk away feeling together instead of apart. The thought of this even being a great memory for us all was important to me as well. Too many times did my fun become someone else’s nightmare. Definitely not a way I want to live.

Living in the Present Makes It All Count

Back in 2017, I had the honor of taking care of my grandmother who was blind. I must say, it was really hard trying to juggle her, being a full-time student, while working full-time. So much so, even while spending time with her, all I could think about was the amount of work I had to do. All I could think about was the next exam and the time it required.

But life has a way of bringing it all in when we acknowledge it, accepting the present moment. The moment reeled me in one day. My mom told me that they’d be back at a certain time only to call for more time. At that point, since I had studying on my mind, I was ready to go. My mom pleaded with me, but I was adamant about the time I needed to study. After a short back and forth, she told me that I could leave and that they should be there shortly.

After feeling relieved, I got ready and told my grandmother that I was leaving. She begged me to stay, but selfishly thinking of myself, I didn’t want to hear it. But as I was walking away, I felt the sadness in her and was moved to put my bag down. “Stay,” I said to myself. Living in the moment, I was able to reconnect with her and give her the full attention she deserved.

Enjoy this Moment or Watch it Pass You by

I was so happy I did because she would go on to leave us a few months later. After her departure, I was able to reflect on the many conversations, jokes, and love we shared together. I learned much more than I would’ve ever learned. And now, instead of drowning in regret, I am drowning in gratitude. It was an honor to have taken care of someone so special and dear to me. Now, I have so many memories to think of based on the memories I was able to create and build with her.

live the moment

To live in the moment means being here, present, connected, grounded. It means fully experiencing life as it is.

Join me, for Episode #73 – Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Life. We’ll dive a little deeper into our minds and how it connects to our journey on this earth. We all have things on our minds. The question is, how much of it do we really need?

2 Replies to “Episode  #72 – Steps to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present Moment”

  1. Colette Azael

    Thank you so much for always being there. Thank you for helping with your grandmother, she and I really appreciated it. Love always, mom.

    • Giovanni Azaël

      I’m so happy I did mom. Seeing you stand next to her as she lied in the hospital bed reminded me of when she stood next to her mother while her mother was in her last days. Definitely the cycle of life in affect. Seeing that made me appreciate and cherish every moment that I am blessed to experienced with you. Thank you for everything. Love you.

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