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Episode #73 – Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Life

declutter the mind

One of the easies ways to declutter your mind is simply being here, present. Nothing more clutters the mind than a mind filled with overwhelming thoughts. These thoughts can be as similar to watching a hurricane rip through a community, ravaging everything in its sight.

When you think of clutter, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is a messy space. But too many times do we neglect the cluttered mind. Nothing worse than a cluttered mind, a mind filled with unfocused and restless thoughts. In such a case, the mind wants to pull you in many different directions at the same time. Therefore, for this reason, it is necessary that we learn to declutter the mind.

Mental clutter isn’t here, it is all over the place. It wants us to worry about everything around us, but not what’s in front of us, in the moment. It keeps us ungrateful about life based on things taking place in the past and the things in the future. Luckily, there are strategies and techniques available to us all. And these very techniques will present ways to declutter as you’ve never seen.

Let’s talk about some of these techniques

Declutter Your Mind from the Things You See

If you look around you, in your environment, what you see is what is actually going on inside of you. Because what’s outside of you is only translating the things others are unable to see. What’s on our minds is what we normally become. News flash, there’s no hiding how you feel. It shows.

declutter the mind

When your cluttered mind takes over, you’ve signaled a problem exists. This problem tends to signal that we are always experiencing some other form of negativity. But as you declutter the space around you, you will discover that your mind too will be free. The physical and the mental must intentionally be decluttered for any of us to experience true freedom.

A Journal to Unload

Sometimes the things in our minds we are unable to identify. That is because we’ve given our cluttered minds and thoughts control over our beings. That means we are governed by all the talk and confusion that spur within us. Writing in a journal helps with the process and helps declutter your mind.

The unloading process starts when we begin to unload ourselves of the things that worry us. It allows us to write our goals, where we want to be versus where we currently are. The journal is a release to everything we feel we must hold into. It is like the external drive that we keep in our minds. It makes sure that we have extra space so that we are not operating from an overloaded state.

Let Go and Live Now

The time is NOW, as I always love to say. Where there is resistance there is tension. And where there is tension, there can be no peace. The past is a beautiful thing. For me, I see it as a measure of the amazing moments I’ve been blessed to live with. I see it as a blessing. That is why when I find ways to declutter my mind, I’m set free.

Stay in the present. The past is gone and the future has yet to come. After all, why live behind you or in front of you when everything that is happening is in front of you?

When you take the time to process it all, most of us keep our mental cabinets full. And within these drawers lie all of the fears, mistakes, and regrets we carry. These drawers continue to hold all the things that could’ve, would’ve happened ‘had we only’.

declutter your mind

Like a nice summer cleaning, sometimes it’s necessary to go through these drawers and start the process of letting go. Take your time to discard anything that doesn’t serve you this very moment. Let’s be honest, some things that happened in the past need only stay there. No need to carry them. Also, the things that you’re anxious about that haven’t yet taken place, let that go as well. Stay here, stay present, and stay connected to this present blessing of a moment you’re presented with.

You not only need it but so does the world. So do both yourself and the world a favor. Declutter your mind…NOW. Let it all go.

Join me for Episode #74 – Ways to Attract Calm and Inner Peace in Your Life. What better way to declutter than to dive into peace? And what better way to experience such life than by giving ourselves permission to let go. Remember, a cluttered mind doesn’t free you, it suppresses you, so set it free so that you experience the peace you deserve. You’ll definitely want to catch this one.

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