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Episode #75 – How to Motivate and Inspire People Around You

inspire “The highest human act is to inspire,” words echoed by the late Nipsey Hussle. Before leaving us, Nipsey made it his mission to contribute in so many ways. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Nipsey left his mark in such a way that he may forever live on. He came from telling his story about where he came from to speaking self-improvement in an art form.

It’s easy to be boss, but much more challenging to be a leader. Anyone can give orders or tell someone what to do. And the ones that you order to do the work may or may not do it based on your supervision. But being a leader requires you to inspire or motivate the ones that report to you.

The two best ways to get people going are through motivation and inspiration. They may seem like the same words, but they each mean something different. When you motivate someone you move them to take action in achieving a specific goal.

When a coach of a basketball team looks to inspire their team during a half-time deficit, they seek results. Their goal is to get their team inspired enough to chargeback for a win. When inspired, there is newfound energy, a newfound focus. And despite the current results, that inspiration will motivate them to produce what they believe is possible.

Because our contributing such is so important, it’s important we start understanding exactly how it’s done. Once we understand what we need to do to motivate and inspire others, a new world presents itself. And with the new world comes an entirely different way of dealing.

The Key to Motivate


Motivating someone is all about getting someone to take some sort of action. Therefore, be direct in your approach. Express what you need of them in a way that makes them feel good to do so. You see, a boss creates a good employee, but a leader creates another great leader. So use your words wisely.

It’s so easy to tell someone that you’ll need them to work late. After all, you are their boss. But as leaders, we want to inspire someone. We want to be mindful of how we say things. That is why knowing things to say to motivate someone is very crucial. You can either win them…or lose them altogether. So let us keep it together.

As a leader, it is important that you motivate all to work as a team. Better yet, it is important that you make yourself part of the team. That means pitching in and staying late with the gang if need be. Nothing better than to see your leader rolling up his/her sleeves to get in the mud with you. Now that’s love. And when we feel it, we feel more connected and more likely to do more for the team.

People that feel you care will more likely to want to do more. It’s no longer about the work anymore, it becomes more about the connection. It’s the idea that I cannot let my team down. An inspirational person need not be present for his/her team to be mentally and emotionally activated.

Lead by Building Instead of Breaking

A leader understands the importance of connection and makes it a priority to keep things intact. Maintain a positive attitude. I know things get hard, but if you keep the team first, it only gets easier. Some office environments are different based on the line of work.


Having the experience that I have in construction, I understand the effect of deadlines. I understand the effect of pressure. People change, and ultimately forget that they are not alone. A great leader that looks to motivate someone to do something must acknowledge the help they seek. In other words, why not express to your employees how much you need them to execute a task and what it will mean for the team to see it through? And how grateful you are to have them. 😊

I don’t know about you, but I operate differently when I know that I am heavily relied on. I don’t know about you, but when someone shows that they have faith in me to execute, I WILL. There’s something about someone wanting you to do something and feeling they know you can. Inspirational people don’t inject fear, they project faith.

When you inspire people, you strengthen the world. You not only empower someone, but the one you empower can now motivate and inspire someone else. With the confidence, the energy that you’ve filled them with, they are now able to fill someone else. How beautiful is that!

Join me for Episode #76 – How to Believe in Yourself to Change Your Life. This topic goes hand in hand with the one we just discussed. Because a good leader has the ability to answer this very question. Believing yourself is necessary and so is this topic.

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