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Episode #77 – Easy Ways to Love Again After Being Hurt

love again

I know the pain. I know exactly what it feels like to be hurt. But I know exactly how it feels to love again. For many of you that are experiencing hurt in love, just know that I feel your pain. I get it because I’ve been there.

The most natural thing you can do when disappointed with love is to give up on it altogether. But how much of a chance do we give ourselves to find it if we’re too afraid to love again? In other words, how can we experience something so beautiful if we’re only able to see the ugly in it? Doesn’t makes sense to throw all the good away with the bad. You can’t lose when you’re actively trying to win.

I’m sure we all have our own experiences that life has served us. I don’t know about you, but heartbreak has taught me many lessons that I take with me until now. It’s easy to associate pain with love after being hurt. It’s easier to look at love as something to protect against rather than enjoy.

The person that has caused you such heartbreak is gone. They are no longer a part of the present moment, but rather, in the past, where things pass. With that in mind, why be shaped by it?

How to Fall Back in Love

What if the plan you had for yourself didn’t align with the better plan the universe had in place? It’s easy to block the pain, but it’s also hard to block the love that comes along with it. The best way to fall in love is by letting go and trusting that the universe has got your back.

love again

Too many times do we alter the future by attempting to fix the past. The problem with that is the past is no more. It can no longer serve you in this current moment. The reality of life is that it isn’t always easy. But with the uneasiness comes many lessons.

If you are to experience love again, you have to embrace the lessons from the heartbreak. To love after being heart is to grow from pain to joy. After all, the best way to benefit from pain is by growing from it. If you’re not learning from the pain, how can you find what you’re seeking?

I’m always grateful for love and the contributions it has made. Although all experiences not always blue, we must start each one anew. Starting new gives us a new opportunity along with a new sense of hope. Forgive the past and allow yourself the space to move forward. No need to live in resentment.

Be Open to the Opportunities Ahead

Despite what we go through, there are so many things we are constantly fed. Dealing with heartbreak is never easy, but we all deal with it. We all experience it at some point. It’s easy to allow your past to mirror your present or future. After all, isn’t the past our greatest teacher?

Living in pain not only keeps us in the past, but it prevents us from living forward. Therefore, we keep hiding behind the future instead of living within it. The heartbreak behind our breakups only we can measure for only we know how it really feels.

Despite the way we feel, that burning desire for love never goes away. It’s just that we allow it to be buried by our own fears. So if you are to give yourself a chance at experiencing such a heartfelt emotion you’re going to need to let that wall down. What good is a wall where we want people to enter?

love again

In being honest with yourself, how did you contribute to the overall breakup? You weren’t an angel just like everyone else, were you? Being honest with yourself is the only way to experiencing love again. Because with growth from our lessons comes a chance at eliminating our worst enemy, ourselves.

Join me for Episode # 78 – How Positive Thinking Helps to Transform Your Life. We all know the power of the mind and the ability it has to build or break us. We know that what we think we become if we aren’t already there. Therefore, once you manage the mind you are able to feed the soul.

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