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Episode # 78 – How Positive Thinking Helps to Transform Your Life

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How do you view the cup in which you drink? Do you view it as full, or empty? With positive thinking, the way you look at life will never be the same. Therefore, the outcome will be dependent on the lens you choose to wear.

The most amazing thing about a positive mindset is that it actually contributes to your health. As a result, the state of your mind can either be a remedy or an internal disease. Therefore, you can either grow or sink. One thing is for sure, it will transform your life.

When you maintain a positive mindset you acknowledge that all good is possible. And with that, you are able to rid yourself of the needless stress you’re accustomed to holding on to. With positive thinking, the way you approach unpleasantries will change the overall outcome.

Your daily habits of positivity will have you believe that the best is happening. When that positive mindset is in place, you’ll find yourself constantly measuring yourself. It’s your way of talking yourself through an event so that you create the outcome you desire.

The thoughts you keep can either be positive or negative. In order to regulate the thoughts you keep, you have to be engaged with the things you do. That means being fully aware of an event and how it causes a shift in what is occupying your mind. So take the necessary time to speak to yourself. You’ll thank yourself for the positive thinking later.

If what you decide to keep on your mind remains negative, so will your life’s outlook. On the other hand, if your thoughts are positive, you’re more likely to be more optimistic. And when you’re optimistic, these habits of positivity become habits for life.

Why Positive Thinking is Healthy

positive attitude

I’m not sure about you but, my life shifts when I focus on life-changing habits. There are things that we do that affect our way of showing up in this world. So consider the effects of positive thinking.

    • Live a longer life
    • Decrease in depression
    • Greater resistance to everyday events coping better with life’s challenges
    • Improved psychological and physical well-being

You must be wondering why people that keep their minds filled with positive thinking experience these living benefits. Well, when we think positively we see the world differently. Therefore, keeping a positive mind will affect what comes out of our mouths.

It is true that what we keep on our minds, we become. A positive mindset equals a positive time.

I remember being in high school looking for a way to get out of doing work. So I decided that I was going to have to play the role of being sick. Therefore I started putting my head down. Then I subconsciously started to connect with that feeling of sickness. Guess what? You guessed it. Before you knew it, I was actually sick.

The best way to winning at mental health is by constantly disconnecting from the mind’s thoughts. And then, by allowing yourself to be. Our mental capabilities are what extend our physical. Ninety percent of my efforts at the gym are motivated by the state of my mind. Therefore the number of reps is based on the mental relationship I have with it at the moment.

Staying Clear of Negative Energy

You want to experience a life worth looking forward to? Then leave negativity no room to live. In order to do so, it’s important that we understand how to identify it.

    • Sifting. This is the opposite of positive thinking. It happens when you celebrate the negative and minimize the positive.positive attitude To better explain, you may have had fun with your friends. You’ve enjoyed great laughs and trips down memory lane. But when you talk about it you focus on how you expected more.
    • Cohabitate. Do your lack of positive thinking put you in the habit of embracing negativity? If you do, someone not sitting next to you can be taken as intentional. Why not think the other seat could’ve been more comfortable?
    • Exaggerating. No need to wait for the worst as it is already here. As a matter of fact, the worst is always here. One uneventful thing happens and you call the day a waste.
    • Splitter. There’s no mixture. It’s either a win or a loss, no in-between. It’s either you have it all…or nothing.

The best way to steer clear of negative energy is by filling your mind with positive thinking. I find that my negative thoughts help me deal with negative outcomes. It keeps me there.

From Negative Thoughts to A Positive Mindset

It is possible to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. As a matter of fact, it’s not hard at all. It just requires some work. Ask yourself these questions:

    • What are areas in your life you believe you think negatively about? Parents? Neighbor? 
    • Are there negative thoughts you keep on your mind that actually serve you? How could having a positive mindset change that?
    • Have you taken the time to smile today or are you waiting for something major to happen? If so, then what are you grateful for?
    • Who do you keep around you? Are the people around you uplifting or are they draining?
    • Have you taken the time to acknowledge your greatness? Have you not a mirror near? If so please take that time now. 

Practice, practice, and practice. In the words of Eric Thomas, “It makes persistence.” Join me for Episode #79 – How You Can Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life. Sometimes to progress, everyone can’t go, as Nipsey said. What’s more important to you? The negative people around you or the life you are aiming to create. The choice is yours.

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