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Episode #79 – How Can You Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life

eliminating toxic people

Thanks to social media, we are more likely to keep those around longer than we normally would. Therefore we eliminate toxic people within it in order to protect our quality of living. In the past, a friend remained a friend. Those that weren’t friends, remained just that.

Nowadays, staying connected seems to be the thing. I know it can be good, but what good are relationships we fail to maintain. Therefore, on our mission to staying connected we want to make sure we remove negative people along the way.

How many times do we see our social media friends complain about their social media friends? I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the threats. “If one more person on my timeline supports XYZ or speaks on Y, I’ll be deleting you.” In other words, we add, only to remove negative people at the end.

Let’s be realistic, is social media really the one to blame? At the end of the day, it has its positives. It’s how we use it that makes all the difference. If you use it to keep, rather than eliminate toxic people in your life, you’re putting your energy in danger.

Remember, what you expose yourself to plays a role in who you’re becoming. Your mental health is important and must be protected at all costs. In other words, feed the mind, don’t kill it. Therefore, delete toxic friends. If adding toxicity is the problem, removing toxic people from your life seems like the solution.

Remove Negative People: Period!

Having people around you that complain all of the time can color our world differently. It can shape the way we think, the way we live. Ever had people around you complain about things you had no problem with? Staying there long enough can have you feeling different by the end of it all.

When you remove the toxic people from your life you take a load off of your shoulders. When you think of toxicity and how it changes your mindset, you see the importance of staying clear.  At times, the ones you love most are the ones that spew it the most. And unfortunately/fortunately, those are the ones worth loving from afar.

Eliminating toxic people that you are related to doesn’t mean the love is lost. It just means that we have the courage to do right by ourselves. In other words, we have the courage to protect our minds, bodies, and souls. That’s what we all strive to enhance.eliminating toxic people

We all need encouragement in our lives. We are not always up. Therefore, keeping the right people around us can go a long way. Eliminating toxic people goes a long way. Courage is necessary to do a lot in our lives so that we push ourselves when necessary. That’s why surrounding yourself with people that don’t sabotage you is important. If not, we can find ourselves within the circle of those that discourage us from accomplishing our dreams.

The people you keep around you, you eventually become. So if the ones that are around you are negative, they are unable to positively feed you. And if they are unable to positively feed you, they are probably lacking in positive nutrients as well.

Choose Wisely So that You Live Freely

The signs are clear if you are looking to remove toxic people from your life. How many times have you kept someone around you, only to let them go feeling free? How many times have we refrained from sharing positive news because of the way they may receive it?

Remember, if you’re hiding, there will probably be no celebration. And if there are no celebrations, then we really have no one to celebrate. If we have no one to celebrate with, we have no friends. So who are you celebrating your dreams and accomplishments with?

Although eliminating toxic people can be necessary, we all deserve a chance. We are all on our individual journeys, at different points of it as well. Therefore, a conversation filled with love and understanding can go a long way in winning the ones we hope to keep. The choice is there’s.

Despite the common belief, we don’t have to keep toxic people around us even though they be family. It may feel uncomfortable but will be worth it in the end. I too have had to make that decision, removing family from my inner circle. It wasn’t the easiest thing, but the feeling, the weight, that was lifted made it all worthwhile. So, make the decision today. Will you surround yourself with toxic people, or will you eliminate toxic people altogether?

Join me for Episode #80 – Expert Tactics to Deal With the Difficult People. Let’s be honest, we all have our own personal challenges because we’re all imperfect beings. Let’s dig into how we go about dealing with difficult people, even when it be ourselves.

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