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Episode #83 – Easy Steps to Take the Ownership of Your Life

take ownership

Take ownership of your life! I promise you that I say this with love and more love. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay in control. The days of feeding your mind ideas and thoughts that fail to serve it are over. It’s a new day.

No need to blame others for your lack of productivity. So what you have children. Aren’t there a lot of us in the world that manage our time despite our circumstances? Who cares that you can’t find a partner. That doesn’t mean that all of them are taken. Keep looking. I’m sure you’ll find it.

If you’re always late on your way to work due to traffic. You aren’t late because of the traffic. You are late because you failed to leave at a reasonable time. Take personal ownership over your life. It is yours and yours only.

The majority of the things happening in your life today, you played a role in. While we are unable to predict the weather or which car will stop at the light, a sense of ownership is a must. It’s important that we start to shift from giving control, to taking control. When we take ownership, that is exactly what we are doing.

Why We Don’t Take Ownership of Our Lives

What I just shared with you is a wonderful example of how we fail to take personal ownership as it pertains to our lives. When you take a problem that belongs to you and focus it on someone else you are saying you lack control. What you are saying is that everything outside of you is responsible for everything you are not.

That is a pretty bold statement to make. But if you are willing to stick to it, don’t be too quick to celebrate when things go right. Be aware of this trap. Because it is far easier to point the finger at others than it is for us to see how we contributed to it ourselves.

take ownership

Take ownership so that you are empowered. When you blame other people you give your power away. We give away the very control we possess onto someone else. We don’t want to do that, do we?

I guess the question really is, how do we move past this way of living? Or, better yet, do you own your life? If so, you know that good or bad, our lives are made up of habits we keep. Therefore, I guess the best answer is to take ownership of your actions and creating better habits.

The same way it took you time to doubt yourself, it’ll take you a bit to build back up. Would you be up for such a challenge? It isn’t always our fault for how our life shapes itself, but we still possess the power. The sooner we take ownership and shift the blame within, the sooner we experience healthier, fulfilling living.

Do You Own Your Life?

Do you? Remember, the answer you provide will be based on what you believe? If you believe that the world is constantly getting in your way, you limit yourself. The people in your life preventing you from accomplishing your goals? you are limiting yourself.

Please, let not your external focus take away from the internal, the core of your powers. In other words. let others not be the reason for why you are not happy. Do not allow others to be the reason you come up short. Take ownership. Be empowered and acknowledge the power you possess to create the life you want.

Whatever you do, never believe that you have no choice. Because we all do. We are all filled with many choices to make. And we all have the ability to make them. It feels empowering just saying that. So repeat after me:

I choose to…

    • spend time with my kids after work.”
    • wake up early to get to work on time.
    • read instead of watching TV.
    • find the one I am looking for.

Yes, the choice is yours. That’s if you give yourself that authority. Keeping this positive mindset not only changes your belief system but also shapes your output. Join me for Episode #84 – Things That Make You Feel Happy All the Time. We are all in search of happiness. We are all seeking to improve our way of living in some shape or form. The beauty in it all is when it happens…life just never seems the same.

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