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Episode #85 – Easy Ways to Develop and Use Positive Support System

The best positive support you can get is from the people you choose to keep close. Because if you’re looking for true healing there’s a great chance the closest ones to you can affect that. Now I know it sounds beautiful, but the road there doesn’t always seem that way.

I must admit, I didn’t always set the proper boundaries as it relates to properly surrounding myself. Everything was surface level, eliminating all depth. I really had to take the time to question those I had allowed around me. And it’s true, sometimes you have to let everything go just to start all over again. That is where that positive support comes in.

What Does Your Positive Support Look Like?

What relationships are you currently seeking? As a matter of fact, what gives anyone around the pass to be in your presence? Are you intentional about the ones you keep around you or is everyone invited?

These questions are very important, and if you hadn’t taken the time to answer them, you should. Remember, no matter who you are or where you are in your life, we all need a positive support system. We all need that one person, or group of people that will be there when we need them most.

When I say, “Need them most,” I’m speaking of more than one aspect. This person or people will not only support you, but they will also hold you accountable. Any such people in your life? If not, just understand the growth you could be missing out on.

Throughout my time living, I experienced both. There were those that wanted the best for me, wanting to see me grow. And there were those mostly entertained by the lack thereof. This was extremely important to me because I had dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish. Therefore, when you establish support, positive support, you are able to keep those dreams protected.

If You Want It Accept It

If you’re offered help or have been in a position to receive it, why not accept it? After all, we all need help at some point of time in our lives. The most beautiful thing about the help we accept or reach out for is that they contribute to our growth. They have the ability to take us from where we are to where we are looking to go.

With the right positive support, we can come to find peace despite the chaos. That is because we are never really alone. In other words, you are never really alone when you are well surrounded. It’s like building an army composed of the right soldiers.

The right support system will not only be there to celebrate, but they’ll also be there to help redirect things. We all need shaking up sometimes. It’s bound to happen at some point. With the right people around you, the outcome takes a completely different form.

Redefine Your Support System and Give Yourself A Chance

Once again, who do you surround yourself with? Where ever you’re at on your journey, there will always be an opportunity to reassess. People change, and so will you. Therefore checking in with your positive support system is a great way to staying charged. Take full advantage of that what it means.

The most beautiful thing about starting over sometimes is that you get a new chance at life. It not only gives you the opportunity to rebuild, it gives you the time as well. It’s an amazing journey filled with many great rewards. Question is, when will you allow yourself the shot at experiencing it?

If you’re not growing, there’s a great chance, you’re not enjoying life too much. What better way than to surround yourself with a positive system that holds you accountable? Accountability is what a positive support system is all about. Someone that holds you accountable cares about you enough. Take full advantage of the opportunity. It’s yours to keep.

Join me for Episode #86 – Easy Ways to Set Good Boundaries in a Relationship. At some point in time, we will have found our way into a relationship. One thing that’s for certain is that things change. But within that change, we must understand the new way of navigating. A relationship is serious and everything you do can even keep it together, or allow it to fall apart. You might not want to miss this one.

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