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Episode #87 – Easy Ways to Appreciate Yourself Everyday

It’s necessary that you appreciate yourself. Ok, let me try this again. It is imperative that you appreciate yourself not just today, but every day that you’re given breath. You’re not asking yourself why, are you? Well, that’s simple. It’s because you matter!

Unfortunately, for some of us, this has been our greatest defeat. After all, we’ve spent the majority of our lives being told what is wrong with us. But now the time has presented itself for you to take back control over your beliefs. It should no longer be measured by any outside force, but rather, by you. Learn to appreciate you and you’re on your way.

We all come into this world looking up to someone or something. Because of that, we are constantly measuring ourselves against what others feel about us. So much so we do it so much that we get used to seeking validation. The sad thing is, on your mission to seeking life, you find yourself captivated. Not by the world you seek to create, but instead, by the world they build for you to live in.

So the question remains, who are you and when do you feel you most? It wasn’t until I relieved myself of the opinions of others that I was able to truly see me for me. I was able to unload myself of the things that didn’t serve me so that I could appreciate me. The more I unloaded the more I was able to see me, and the more I was able to see me, the more I learned.

Remember, it’s a journey, so keep calm and keep on pushing.

Appreciate the Little Things

We tend to believe that big is better and that more means abundance. But, is that really true? I had heard enough and what I heard wasn’t doing it for me. What everyone was saying about me wasn’t all me. I knew I was more than what they were saying. Therefore I knew that there was no better person to tell my story than by me, the author.

As the author, I knew that I was more than what people were saying. No matter how good their words were, I knew they could never do me true justice. Because what they needed to know was all inside of me. Self-appreciation goes a long way, so make yourself the focus. Focus on you and the things you appreciate about you. If you’re fair enough, you’ll find that there are many.

Appreciate the little things. No need to start so big because you’ll end up overlooking the little things they’re composed of. Believe it or not, it’s the little things about me that brought me closer to me. It’s easy to look at a building, only to lose focus of its many components. So enjoy the pieces so that the whole is more appreciated.

Self-appreciation allows you to examine yourself so that you’re given the attention you need. Just like any plant, we all need watering. That’s because life is constantly happening, but staying focused is key. The more you acknowledge yourself, the more you will find. If you’re not finding anything, don’t worry. Keep on looking. I promise you, it’s there.

Show Up So That the World Feels You

The world will only see you as you see yourself. You may not realize this, but you are constantly telling the world who you are, subconsciously. The world seeks your guidance so that it sees you for who you really are.

The best way to present yourself is by knowing what to present. And the only way to know what to present is by knowing what the presentation is. You are the show. You are the storyline. And most importantly, you are the creator, the designer of you. When you appreciate yourself, you give others around you many more reasons to appreciate you.

When it’s all said and done, we all are advertising who we are. So be aware of how you sell yourself because so many people are looking to buy in. Invest in yourself so that you become someone worth investing in. And just like you, they will know who you truly are. And just like you, they too will learn to appreciate you for you.

Join me for Episode #88 – Effective Ways to Improve Your Self-Control. There are so many outside distractions, things we cannot control. But one thing we do have control of is ourselves. Let’s dive deeper so that feel ourselves deeper within.

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