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Episode #88 – Effective Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

With the way things are going these days, improving your self-control should be a focus. With social media, now, more than ever, our experience of life is constantly changing. Something that was once private, now shared amongst millions.

It’s no wonder the hate we experience is so grand. We no longer have to wait until it happens to us to learn because we live it through so many others. Being a black male in America, this is far too real for me. After all, what I’m cimprove your self-control urrently experiencing, my parents have already experienced it. Therefore, It’s easy to build up resentment and hate as well.

Most of us give what we’re given. But if I don’t like something done to myself, how could I do it to you? Practicing self-control allowed me to see the actions of others differently. We know how to treat others, but sometimes we’re affected by how we’re treated. Therefore, in turn, treat them the same.

Be Aware of What is Being Said

I get it. Someone calls you a name that misrepresents who you really are. It’s only right that it doesn’t sit right with you. When false meets truth, there’s conflict. That’s because one cannot exist with the other. One vibrates, while the other dims. What will you represent?

It took me a little time but I eventually learned. Respect is one thing, but what are you truly fighting for? To improve your self-control is to improve your quality of living. That is where each moment is taken in, every moment is felt.

Take a moment and listen. When you’re not practicing self-control, it’s easy to react without understanding what you’re reacting to. Take the time to listen so you are aware of what is being said. It’s true. Sometimes we end up defending something not worth defending. And from that acknowledgment alone the breakdown begins.

Practicing self-control allows you to be fully present. It gives you the opportunity of measuring what’s before you. You don’t get caught up in the noise. You listen not to make a statement. Instead, you do so with an intent of a resolution. It’s so very easy to allow your ego to make it about you. But when US is more important than I, the possibilities are greater.

How to Improve Your Self-Control

By now, you must be asking, “How’s it done? How do you improve yourself?” It’s simple. What’s important to you? In other words, what do you value most? I found love some years back. Along with that love came life, and along with life, came peace. So if you’re asking me what I value most. I’ll reply, “PEACE.”

Things can get pretty chaotic at times. So much so, I intentionally stay clear from it. It makes it easy when you’ve never owned a television. I bought my improve self-controlfirst TV a few months ago. And even with that, I’ve managed to stay disconnected from the news. That’s how important peace is to me,

What’s important to you? What centers you? Where is your sanctuary? We’re all different. We enjoy life differently. Practicing self-control enables a space of reason, a space of thought. I always ask myself, “What is it at this very moment that’s worth me sacrificing this peace that I so love within me?”

I’ll tell you one thing. As soon as that question comes up, I manage to surrender. Because this very moment of any given moment means so much to me. No way could I ever sacrifice the entire thing fighting. By no means is it worth my energy once I receive that question. Once you improve your self-control you learn to preserve rather than empty.

From what I understand about life when something is important to you, you preserve it. It’s like trying to keep a shoe brand new. Life is a beautiful place to be. At the end of it all, we are all trying to create the best life we can. And we all do differently, and beautifully so.

On this journey of growth, let us not allow ourselves the comfort of giving that up. Find your piece of Peace and allow yourself that space to dwell. Join me for  Episode #89 – Simple Ways to Have a Peaceful Mind in Tough Times. Even within the chaos, if you allow yourself, you’ll find that there is peace.  Even with thing things that happen outside of us, we’ll find it within.

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