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Episode #89 – Simple Ways to Have a Peaceful Mind in Tough Times

peaceful mind

A peaceful mind is vital these days. As a human being, life may come across as complicated to most. As a black male, it gets deeper. This is not a cry for pity, it is only my truth. But it is a truth that I must accept. It is not a truth that harbors me, but rather, one that keeps me aware and at peace.

We are all going through life, some more than others. At the end of the day, we all have a responsibility to show up for ourselves. It gets pretty chaotic out there when we allow ourselves to get sucked in the things that mean little. Sometimes a getaway is all we need. One thing is for sure a peaceful mind will take you there.

I was dictated by what the world was serving, constantly reading its menu for direction. I had experienced so much in my life that all I yearned for was peace. It meant so much to me because it gave me a place to live in. It gave me a place away from all of the chaos, a place I well needed.

The most beautiful thing about life is the places we are all able to go to without a physical departure. Our minds are portals to limitless dimensions. Therefore, we are able to go where ever our minds desire. And the places that don’t exist, we can create. The mind is a beautiful thing when used as designed. That is why peace of mind is so important.

A Place of Mental peace

What does your peace look like? Think about it. We all have something that we love to do, a place that we imagine being that reminds us of such. No matter how much of a people person I am, I still love my time alone. It’s necessary for me to recalibrate, to recenter, so that I may show up even more.

peaceful mind

My place of peace is a place where I can actually hear myself. It’s a place I can sit with myself and look myself in the mirror for the sake of accountability. Those times are necessary. A peaceful mind isn’t something that is given. Although it is something we were all born with, once lost it must be regained.

This is where you come in. You need yourself more than anybody else. It’s true because, as human beings, we tend to listen to the voice of others before acknowledging our own. Sadly our voice speaks but often goes unheard. Picture a child being ignored by its parents at the most inquisitive stages of their life.

Now picture yourself trying to be heard by yourself. Then think about what you are listening to when that voice speaks. Are you listening to your desires or are you listening to the voice within? That voice isn’t there to accommodate our desires. It is there to keep us in line with our higher versions.

The Voice That Brings Peace of Mind

I must admit, I had the habit of ignoring. Because of the noise on the outside, I had given too much power to. As much as we all have that ability, we will never experience it until we obtain that peace of mind.

When your mind is at peace, your heart is at peace. Your focus changes and your subconscious mind feels lighter, less heavy. You no longer have the internal fight because the sound of your voice is clear. Not only do you hear it, but feel it as well. You understand the peace of mind it brings and what that peace means.

peaceful mind

Listen. That’s right, whatever you do, just listen. I promise you that your voice cannot steer you wrong. I truly believe that since we are created in the image of God, that God is guiding us through that voice. That is His way of connecting with us and showing us that he is present through us all.

To be honest with you, the more peace I was able to create, the more connected I felt. Now I’m not here to preach a sermon, but I’m here to tell you that peace is within you. As a matter of fact, peace is all around you. Our creator has provided us with so many marks of beauty that allow us to tap into what that peace is. I am so thankful for nature because I know that that is where I feel grounded. I feel this because this is where I feel the freest and grateful.

Where is your place of peace? Before you look anywhere, make sure that you look within. Join me for Episode #90 – Secrets to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence. We all fall at some point, but remembering where we come from makes it all work at the end.

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