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Episode #90 – Secrets to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence

We were all born with unstoppable self-confidence. As crazy as it may sound to some, I can assure you that it’s true.  When we come into this world, we are all pure, untainted, ready to explore this new world we’ve been birthed in. Therefore, unstoppable self-confidenceat this stage in our lives, we possess the unlimited confidence to discover and try anything we can.

If we were all born with this unstoppable self-confidence, then how did we get here? How did we get to a place where we continue to lose ourselves in exchange for ourselves? It sounds confusing but think about it for a minute. We’ve gone so far away from ourselves we start to give up more of ourselves to gain something we associate ourselves with.

What this means is we’ve lost so much of ourselves we start to create ourselves. It sounds good, but the problem is we are not actually creating our true selves. We are only creating the idea of ourselves that society resonates with more. Therefore we fit in as long as we continue to mascaraed this image we ourselves don’t recognize.

Think about it for a minute. If you don’t recognize who you are, how can you expect others to see you for you? And if you don’t recognize who you are, how can you be confident in the way you show up? How can you be confident in this beautiful package that you are? Freshly and intentionally made from above so that our world is whole. We’re not reminded of that as often as we should be, but I’ll be sure to be that reminder.

How to Develop Unbreakable Confidence

“You said that I was born with it, but now that I’m here, what do I do,” you may be asking. Nothing is easy, but nothing is hard either. Think about it. It’s only as smooth as you allow it to flow. It’s a journey not a contest. Therefore, it’s very hard to lose unless you stop trying.

To develop the self-confidence you already have, you’ll only need to do a little digging. The beauty in it in all is that you don’t have to look too far. You have nothing but to look yourself in the mirror to get the process going. Look at you. I mean, take a deep look at yourself so that you acknowledge yourself fully. Then sit there for a bit and allow your mind and your soul to connect so that you are entirely focused. It may come across as a bit strange, but you deserve that attention. After all, I’m sure many of us have given it to others time and time again.

The purpose of this short exercise is to allow your internal connection to take place. That’s how you start to develop self-confidence. It’s hard to be ONE with anyone or anything if we aren’t ONE with ourselves. How often do we take the time to admire our eyes, our nose, our lips, or even our fingernails? We are all art and we are all worth admiring. So take the time to admire the masterpiece that you are. Not just a portion, but entirely. How can you show up if you don’t even know of the powers you possess?

Remember, self-confidence cannot be found in a tree or even a garden. Rather, it is something we find within. The secret to confidence isn’t how others feel about you. It isn’t how you measure yourself against others. It’sunstoppable self-confidence about how familiar you are with the product that you are. Can you imagine owning a car and not knowing how to adjust the seats? Or the steering wheel? How bout the gas tank?

Know your vehicle. Know it so well and you will start to feel that shift to unstoppable self-confidence. As I said before, it’s in you. Dig and you shall find.

The Secret to Confidence

Everything you need is within you. We are all superhumans. It’s just that we’ve allowed others to strip us of our powers. Therefore to develop self-confidence, we must take back what was once ours. It’s imperative that we start the process of unloading ourselves of all of the things that fail to serve us.

I remember those days. How many of you have been told where to go or how far you could go? How many of you have had your destiny handed to you? People telling you the depth of your journey and the turns it will take. To develop that unstoppable self-confidence you have to be willing to stop the noise. So unload yourself.

Let go of all of the opinions, let go of all of the assumptions, and let go of the broken perceptions of others. They are not your property. Therefore, they don’t belong to you, so why hold on to it? Why deal with it?

If you look at in onion, it’s simple but complex. Now look at us as humans, we’re simple, but we just like to complicate things. We like to hold on to unnecessary things despite how they make us feel. So let go. Let go of, “You’ll never make it. You’re a loser! You are bound to fail! Nobody wants you!” All of these words never gave you a chance for they prevented you from taking one.

I urge that you reexamine your script and start to make your edits. It may not change the past, but it will make for a better future. Join me for Episode #91 – Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset for Success. This journey we are on isn’t over until it’s over. Therefore, it requires our attention so that we are always looking for an upgrade within.

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