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Episode #92 – Tips to Stop the Effect of Negative Thoughts

negative thoughts

We all experience negative thoughts. That’s because we’re all living on planet earth. And within this planet, there’s what I call pollution. Now, this pollution is different from the ones we experience from an environmental standpoint. It’s the one we experience from a mental standpoint. Definitely one worth protecting against.

We were all brought into this world with pure minds. We were all searching with hopes of finding. But what we’ve found has been a challenge for many to climb out of. We believe in ourselves until we’re told we’re not enough. After a while, negative thoughts start to creep in. And if we’re not careful, they begin to take over.

Everywhere we turn, there are signs, people, and even voices aiming to pull us away from ourselves. Because when we’re away from ourselves, we’re closer to them, their agenda. These constant distractions have caused many to lose sight of what their true living looks like. Sometimes we’re so caught up on our journeys that we find ourselves playing as bystanders. It’s as if we surrender to all of its demands.

The stories we all create are necessary. But in order to create our stories fully, we’ll need to close the door to negative thoughts. These thoughts are constantly reminding us where we are versus where the world says we should be. These thoughts strip us from our self-confidence, a tool necessary to maintain the course.

Revisit the Source

negative thoughts

I took a trip down memory lane and revisit the source. Something just didn’t make sense to me. I remember the constant joy and the happiness. And then I ask myself, “Where did it all go?” Because we’re constantly moving, we sometimes fail to stop for a moment of reflection. We sometimes fail to stop just to check in with ourselves. Unfortunately, too many times do we need ourselves but fail to show up. Too drowned by negative thoughts, it can happen.

Living is like building muscle. Everyday life will force us to work out a part of our beings. It’s not because life is actually trying to punish us. We’re only experiencing these things because we’re capable of overcoming them. We’re only experiencing these things so that we continue to define who we really are.

I’ve learned in construction that you really don’t know people until the pressure is on. It’s easy to be cool when everything is cool. But who we really are shows up most when hardship is presented. Some of us may not even realize how we carry negative thoughts from our past. We continue to carry things that we fail to acknowledge as our trauma. Because we fail to do so, we walk around heavy not realizing the weight we continue to drag behind us.

For the majority of my life I’d been carrying all of my fears, all of my shortcomings I was told I had. As I stated in Episode #91, I was more affected by what I was told I’d become, rather than what I wanted to become. In order to remove negative thoughts from my mind, I needed to do something I had never done before. Not only did I need to acknowledge the source, but I also needed to reclaim it. After all, it was mine, to begin with.

Remove Negative Thoughts from Your Mind

The best way to make stride is by releasing ourselves of the loads that weigh us down. If we’re not being picked up, we’re being limited, we’re being restricted. The only way to free ourselves from ourselves is by taking full ownership of our powers. We’ll need to dig them out from the negative thoughts we buried them under.

negative thoughts

It’s important we go back to the source of hope, the source of belief and faith so that we start breathing again. We dig ourselves so deep that we restrict our own breath. We cut the very source of our existence. In order to overcome negative thoughts, we only need to start replacing them with our truth. This means cutting their views out and replacing them with ours.

Just like any diet, in order to wheel yourself off one food, you have to replace it with an alternative. So what are you going to replace your negative thoughts with? What alternative will you use to drive you the next time negative thinking visits?

Listen, assess, then accept or reject. If you look at a vacuum, it will only suck in an object it allows due to its restricted entry point. The problem is, unlike a vacuum, we quickly internalize before we process. It’s like being willing to make a purchase of a car without a test drive. A little due diligence would help, wouldn’t it?

Over the years I’ve learned there’s your opinion, my projected opinion, and my truth. And one thing that I’ve found is that the truth never lies. It will always allow you the home to live in when the world gives you no place to stay.

Join me for Episode #93 – Easy Things That Make You Feel Happy. Life doesn’t always provide us with moments of happiness. But life serves us with so many things that remind us why we should be grateful. It gives us all the reasons to smile.

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