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Episode #93 – Easy Things That Make You Feel Happy

make you feel

What makes you feel happy? Have you taken the time to think about that? Better yet, do you even believe it attainable? Because to attain anything is to first believe it is real. For if it isn’t real to you, then what’s the fight for?

While many of us once had that feeling, some of us still long for this feeling. At least that’s what we believe. The truth is, that feelin, the one that makes you feel happy, lives within you. In fact, it lives within us all. Many of us may not have experienced it as long as we would’ve liked, but the memory is there.

Then there are those of us with brief experiences buried under grief, pain, or heartbreak. Despite where life’s journey has taken us, the reference is there. I spent the early stages (I guess I can say I’m still living it) seeking this happiness based on the world’s manuscript. It wasn’t until I felt pain did I long for such a feeling of happiness, the one that would open me up to greater things.

Just like many of you, it has taken me a while, but it wasn’t until I sought it, was I able to find it. Sometimes the very things we seek are right before us. But, generally speaking,  it’s hard for you to find anything you aren’t searching for, isn’t it? Can’t find the egg without actually hunting for it. Neither can you make you feel happy if you fail to seek happiness?

Life is like a tray that continually serves us. With all of the offerings it provides, which one will we choose to receive? There are so many things that can make me feel happy. Some big, some small, but all exist.

Unload to Reload

make you feel

Hoarding is a real thing. Really. I’m not speaking of the physical sense of hoarding. I’m speaking of the mental hoarding we’ve been doing for the majority of our lives. I learned a decade ago that not everything given to me is for me to keep. Because not everything I’m given makes me feel happy.

Being brought up by Haitian parents, the thoughts and beliefs that were passed on to me didn’t always resonate. It took me a while to understand, but it wasn’t my parent’s fault. Without “the book of parent guidance” our parents are only given an existing blueprint. “That’s the way,” we tend to think. But is it really true? Is everything really given to make you feel happy? Or is it meant to simplify things for you?

We figure that’s only one less thing to worry about, but is holding onto these things necessary? It wasn’t until I sought happiness did I realize the importance of revisiting this chapter. Subconsciously I knew I had been holding on to things that did me no justice. I knew it because I felt heavy, something I felt the moment that mission was ignited. I’ll tell you, nothing makes you feel happier than the feeling of unloading.

One thing I can assure you is the more you let go of you realize just how simple life is. Within the simplicities of life, I promise, makes you feel happy.

What Makes You Feel Happy?

The more I unloaded, the freer I felt. And the freer I felt, the more happiness I felt within me. After all, I had unloaded so many things I felt failed to serve me. I know our parents are here to guide us, but we must be mindful as to what we choose to keep. If it doesn’t make you feel good, then why hold on? If I handed you a very hot piece of metal, you wouldn’t hold on to it, would you? And if you did, I doubt it’d be for too long.

make you feel

I let go of the anger, and I was able to find peace. When judgment crept in, letting it go made me feel at ease. The idea that freeing others of judgment towards would allow me too, to be free. Letting go of resentment allowed me to better forgive myself along this journey of growth. I don’t hold myself to such a high standard that I prevent myself from embracing my own imperfection. I am a work in process, never a finished product. Therefore, I am patient with myself, understanding of myself, and receiving of myself despite the circumstances.

Allowing yourself the optimum experiences is what will make you feel happy. For each of us, it is different. Therefore, finding your way is key. Whatever decision you make, make sure you check in so that no forces without gain command over your ship, your story.

Join me for Episode #94 – Effective Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness. There are things we can control, and there are those, we can’t. That’s what living is all about. But how we choose to live with them is what matters most.

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