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Episode #94 – Effective Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness

overcome depression

Many of us find it hard to overcome depression. As a matter of fact, many of us suffer from it and don’t even know it. Can you imagine that? Personally, I lived a great deal of my life depressed, but not even realizing it.

But before we go any further, what is depression? Is that we are too lazy? Or maybe it’s just a temporary state we find ourselves in during a time of hardship? The fact is, it is a medical condition many of us still deal with to this day.

The worst thing about depression is that no one ever has to know. If you yourself are not able to identify your own depression, can you imagine someone else? Chester Bennington, a lead singer from the groups Stone Temple Pilots and Sunrise, had battled depression. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t end up beating the depression.

Although he had previously been open about it, depression does not have a look. Chester’s wife, Talinda Bennington, shared a post on her Twitter that showed him hours before him losing that battle. The hardest part of it all is you’re not always to help. So the focus is and should always be, how do we beat depression? How do we stand for something many fall from?

For this reason, to overcome depression, we each have an amazing responsibility towards ourselves. We may not always be able to predict life’s events, but what we do after is priceless. It’s a mindset, a way of thinking. We all need that shift at some point or time. And once we’ve attained it, we gain the new responsibility of maintaining it.

How to Overcome Depression

overcome depression

So how do we overcome such a condition? We know we are unable to control what’s outside of us, so how do we keep ourselves intact? How do we align our responses from circumstances with the outcome we seek? I’ll be honest with you, life is work or an adventure as I love to call it. That means despite your conditions or lack thereof, there will always be something. Something will always challenge your resolve.

I want to take some time to discuss different things you can help overcome your depression so that you can start living again. Remember, it’s an adventure, but it’s worth going through.

1. Be Positive

When we are depressed we don’t see the world in such a good light. We tend to blame ourselves for mishaps and accept the positive as pure luck. It makes us doubt who we are, feeling helpless and worthless altogether. To beat depression we have to be intentional.

What you hear all day long is what you eventually believe and become. Therefore, be mindful of the inner negative voice and redirect your thinking. Remind yourself that the thoughts that have brought you to this point are only an illusion and that the truth lies within you.

2. Keep Moving

Whatever you do, don’t you ever stop moving. I don’t know about you but when I’m not moving I don’t feel alive. And when I don’t feel alive, life just doesn’t feel like life. When I was dealing with depression I had no urge to do anything. During those times, digging deep is necessary because underneath the illusion is the truth.

3. Live in Gratitude

overcome depression

Live in gratitude. It makes life so simple when we do. Instead of thinking of the things we don’t have, We can focus on all of the things we are blessed to have in addition to the gifts that just keep on pouring in. Sometimes our circumstances blind us from these gifts, but they’re there waiting to be found.

4. Don’t Every Stop

Whatever you don’t forget that it’s a journey. That’s the only way to overcome depression. As I stated before, it’s an eternal journey. Therefore, we have to be intentional about how we show up daily. We don’t take showers only for special occasions, do we? Not at all. It’s a way of life. We do it every single day. Likewise, wake up every day with the intention of diving into positivity.

Join me for  Episode #95 -Ways to Heal Yourself Through Positive Thinking. We’re all bruised in some way because life does it to you. The great thing of it all, wounds always heal.


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