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Episode #95 -Ways to Heal Yourself Through Positive Thinking

heal yourself

If your past is still part of your present moment you may need to take the necessary time to heal yourself. By no means should there be anything to be ashamed of. We’re all in need of healing for we’re all going through this thing called life.

Living in such a world, it’s easy to lose touch with what matters. It’s easy to take on more than what we need to. Although the world continues to serve us its ways, it’s up to us to determine our course. In other words, we each have a responsibility towards our existence to make good with all that we’ve been given. Healing myself was a major part of my journey that was necessary.

Just like anything that has been broken, its value is only regained once fixed. Therefore, despite the progress we seek, we only move forward once we’ve addressed the past. When you heal yourself, you not only allow for growth but also an appreciation for the moment. Only through leaving the past behind can we truly experience and cherish today.

Embrace where you are today for we’re all running this race of life. Some of us are a little further along our journeys than others, but the race is never over. Despite where we find ourselves, hope is always well and alive. And where there is hope there’s an opportunity for a positive outcome. It was through this positivity I was able to find healing myself possible.

To be honest with you, the only support I had at the time was my own positivity. It was like having my personal cheerleader each step of the way. Despite any setback, I had no choice but to believe for the setback was far more insignificant than where I wanted to be. Positive thinking allowed me to see past the setback. Although things weren’t easy, I could see the easier times ahead.

I guess the real question is, how do you heal yourself through positive thinking?

Positive Thinking Sees You Through

heal yourself

I’ll be honest with you, being positive doesn’t assure that you’ll only experience positivity. But what it assures you is that despite what you’re going through, you’re still fine. Positive thinking helps you heal yourself because it serves as a reminder that it’s never over. As a matter of fact, nothing is ever over, things are just constantly beginning. With these constant beginnings an opportunity for many experiences.

When I suggest that you heal yourself, I am not suggesting that anything is wrong with you. That’s a misconception to many. The truth is, none of us are born whole. Our life’s mission is working towards a wholesome we’ll never actually attain. That’s the beauty of living in itself. The idea that we get to walk into this world, everyday life is given, to explore its boundaries.

Positive thinking was a major factor in my journey to healing myself. It kept me afloat by keeping me from thinking anything that didn’t align with my mission. It’s true that our energy will only occupy the space our focus takes up. Therefore, it didn’t matter what the world served me, seeing past it allowed me to push through. Things just slowed down but never stopped.

Heal Yourself so That You Experience Today

Today is NOW, and NOW is where it’s at. No better place to live than this moment. It contains everything we need. The best part of living occurs once you’ve made the decision to heal yourself. As I mentioned before, when you take the leap to heal yourself, you’re choosing to take your life back. You’re deciding to leave the past where it belongs so that you can start enjoying the only moment that matters.

And this moment is the only moment that serves us. This moment is the only space that is worth our attention and time. It not only dictates our tomorrow, but it gives us the opportunity to move past yesterday. Why live there? It came, it showed, and it left. Let it go. Today can never fully be taken in unless tomorrow is fully cherished. Heal yourself so that you not only experience life but find the good in all that presents.

heal yourself

Sometimes the most amazing gifts come in a not-so-amazing package. What life serves us is a gift whether we see its purpose or not. We have only to choose the way we perceive these gifts. How will you define life’s events so that they serve you? How do you allow these events to get you closer to your destination?

Join me for Episode #96 – Effective Ways to Exude Confidence in Your Daily Life. Once you’ve got your mindset synced with positive thinking, keeping your confidence intact will be much easier. We are all amazingly different. And form these differences, our confidence should flourish ever more.

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