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Episode #96 – Effective Ways to Exude Confidence in Your Daily Life

Ways to Exude Confidence We are all uniquely, beautifully different. From that source alone we find ways to exude confidence from. Look at yourself for a moment. What do you see? Whatever it is, I pray that the eye in which you view it is fair.

I know it can get confusing, frustrating, or even depressing. But keeping up with a standard that was never meant to expose your light can do that to you. I know they’re saying that you’re too skinny, too tall, too big, or too small. Or maybe they’re saying you’re too black, or maybe just black altogether. Maybe your accent misses the mold or your financial status doesn’t quite hit the bar. Whatever you do, don’t give them the responsibility to build your confidence.

Too many times do we drown ourselves in the opinions of others. We allow their limited views to shape us, molding us against who we truly are. In other words, we chase the opinions of others until we start to be guided by them. We do so until we start to embody their very opinions. Although we may not believe it deep down, we still allow our energy to be stripped from us. And along with that energy, our confidence.

The best way to exude confidence is by rejecting. Confidence is a beautiful thing. I’m an entirely different guy now. And the most beautiful thing of it all is that I was able to extract it from an inner source, the most important one.

Build Confidence from Your Source

People will always have something to say. Even more so now with social media. They will share their negative thoughts as if you asked for them. And if they’re not telling you what’s wrong with you, they’re telling who you should be. It may not seem obvious to some because, to many of us, they’ve become our guides. Where we live, the car we drive, or the clothes we wear. How do you build confidence with that?

Everywhere we go, the influence is there. But everywhere we go, so are we. It’s not about what we’re about to encounter. More like how we stand in the midst of it all. In order to exude confidence, we must know and acknowledge that we are the source. Now isn’t that relieving? I am the source of me. And you are the source of you. After all, who knows you better than you?

You who spend the most time with you know you best. In other words, you know your heart, you know your mind, and you know your soul. Although you may believe you don’t know, you may just need a bit more time with yourself. You’ll find that all of the gifts you’ve had buried within you all along.

When you wake up to your source and check-in, meaning, fully presenting yourself every day, it happens. Too often do we view the Ways to Exude Confidenceworld through the lens of society than that of our own. Therefore allowing our worlds to be created for us instead of by us. The truth is, sometimes revisiting the beginning is necessary. That’s where it all started. I had to go back to the beginning in order to pinpoint exactly where it was given away.

Start from the Beginning

Sometimes we get so lost in the mix of things that we forget where it all started. Not only do we forget where it started, but we fail to realize that it isn’t lost. It’s simply stored away until our awakening. Confidence was never something we ever needed to build. It was something we only needed to maintain. The question is, when did we give it away? And why?

It’s easy to follow a standard. That’s because it leaves us with no work towards ourselves. We have nothing to challenge nor measure because everyone else is doing it. Therefore, it makes sense. But I once remembered a standard so different so pure. A standard that mattered to me more than anything else.

I was always a confident child. I was outgoing, loved to smile, and loved to connect. There was a freeness I felt. So busy rolling within the gifts life was giving me, I exuded my true self. And with me presenting my true self I exuded confidence.

You see, for you to build confidence doesn’t require much. It only requires that you acknowledge yourself before anything else. So that when you see the world, you see it from your lens, your angle as you continue writing your story.

Join me for Episode #97 – Tips to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities for Growth. If you haven’t experienced some level of disappointment, in due time. It’s only a matter of time that day comes for you. It’s not about what life serves you, it’s more about what you do with its servings.

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