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Episode #97 – Tips to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities for Growth

challenges into opportunities

It’s not that we don’t experience challenges, it’s just that we fail to turn these challenges into opportunities. I know they’re hard. I’ll never sit here and preach that they are. But one thing I will say is that it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, life challenges us all in different ways. Therefore, it only makes sense that we all react differently.

But what is a challenge? Well, since it is different for each of us, I guess the better question is what’s your challenge? Is it the workplace? Maybe the stress associated with meeting a quarterly quota? Or maybe you’re in a very challenging relationship, where communication is a challenge? Can it be that you feel overwhelmed with your classes while working multiple jobs to make ends meet?

Whatever your challenges are, I’m here to tell you that you can turn these challenges into opportunities. As a matter of fact, the opportunity is always there. Sometimes we may like a gift, but fail to recognize it due to its packaging. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t be so misled by the packaging. Some of the most beautiful things in life come from the roughest of sources. Let your challenges into opportunities rest.

I know the feeling too well. But in all honesty, the gifts I’ve received have been far rewarding than the challenges I’ve had to deal with. I’m actually thankful for these challenges. The shifts that I’ve made in my life were due to these challenges. To be clear, it wasn’t the challenge itself, it was what it made of me. It’s for the growth opportunities I look for. Because it always makes it all worth going through.

How to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

challenges into opportunities

The best way to turn failure into success is by accepting the challenges for what they are. I learned through the years I felt were the roughest for me that I overlooked one important thing. And that was the many opportunities these challenges produced. Therefore, when I say turn your challenges into opportunities, sometimes it doesn’t require that you do anything at all. Sometimes it’s only a matter of refocusing our minds so that we allow these opportunities to present themselves.

How many of us have gotten fired from a job we heavily relied upon? And how many times have things worked themselves out? You see, the problem is that what happens. Most of the time it is the space between what has already taken place and what is to come that makes all the difference.

You put any amount of people in the same exact space and they will each experience it differently. Why? Well because we all focus on different things. That is why we will all deal with the same event differently. So when something happens in your life, no need to question why. Instead, why not? Nothing enters your life for absolutely no reason at all. Everything is actually happening for you if you only accept it as such.

I drowned in my own misery for too long before I realized that the problem was me. Whatever happened was done. The way we perceive it affects how we react. And the way we react is what unravels the gift, the very gifts that await. And that’s what turning a challenge into an opportunity looks like.

The Power of the Mind

challenges into opportunities

The mind is a beautiful thing to feed. If we can be in the same room but experience it differently, how does it happen? As I mentioned before, it’s the way we choose to perceive things that determine how we react to them. Therefore, by perceiving a challenge as the end-all, we act accordingly.  But when we can see the possibilities, our perspectives change. And when our perspectives change, we are able to turn our challenges into opportunities. When we view our challenges in such a way we find that we have no challenges at all.

Join me for Episode #98 – How to Face Your Fear and Live a Bold LifeFear is only an illusion. Too many times do we fail to allow fear to cause us to skip on things that we would rather not skip out on. We give it power over our thoughts, our dreams, and the limitless possibilities life offers us.

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