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Episode #99 – Why Is Happiness So Important in Our Life?

importance of happiness

Is happiness important to you? If not, then why? Personally, happiness is everything to me. That is where I feel free. That is where I feel life. Despite our industry, we can all feel this fast pace change. The world is moving and we’re all trying to keep up. So much so that we get lost in the process.

My definition of happiness is how we align with what the universe, God, or whomever you worship, gives us? It’s how what we’re given sits with us. And how it sits with us is based on how we receive it and the meaning we attach to it. If we understand the importance of happiness, we understand the GPS to our BEINGS.

Happiness is so important because it helps us gauge where we are at all times. It’s like checking the water temperature before getting in the shower. When I’m happy, I’m happy to see where I thrive, where I live, where I feel free. We drown when we’re down forgetting the many things that make us feel happy.

We are all blessed. But too many times do we fail to realize it. We feel disappointed when we don’t get what we believe we should. But we feel happy when we do. Before going any further, it’s important that we understand what it is that brings us happiness and why?

What Brings You Happiness?

importance of happiness

What makes you happy? I mean, really. What is it about living this life that lights you up? It’s not based on the way your bank account is set up, is it? It couldn’t possibly be about that brand new car or house you just bought. I understand the accomplishment, but true happiness does not live in material things. It lives within the way we feel about life.

The reason happiness is so important is because of the way we suppress it. The lack of happiness isn’t a sign that things are wrong. It’s the many things we continue to dismiss so that we remain in a place of discontent.

I get it. We do so much for the world around us that we often overlook ourselves. We get a job only to serve 90% of our lives away. Therefore, it makes sense that we are always in pursuit of this happiness. We then spend so much of our time seeking it, we overlook the little things that bring it. So to understand the importance of happiness, we must first acknowledge the source.

The Ultimate Gift

I’ve come to realize that life isn’t what it’s sold to be. Life isn’t this great big machine with many toys for us to pick from. Life is life itself. Breath, sight, touch, smell, taste, and our ability to hear. That is where it all starts. It all starts with us.  Although the importance of happiness is the gauge it provides, it’s deeper than that.

The gauge that happiness gives us is very important. This is because our happiness and its source are constantly measuring our state of gratitude. It is constantly reminding us of the things that truly matter. There is no true joy in living without gratitude. That is the true gift.

importance of happiness

Yes, I know when I’m happy I feel alive, but what is it that is giving me life? What is it that is giving me the urge to wake up and do this thing called life all over again? Happiness to me is a reminder of the life I can truly experience when I don’t get what I want. In essence, it isn’t in the things we want, it’s in the many things we’ve already been given.

So be happy and drown yourself within happiness, just because. If you’ve awakened this morning feeling down, you’ve overlooked the most important thing you’ve been given, LIFE. When we’re too busy acknowledging the many things we possess, happiness finds us. It’s all in the little things. And once we show gratitude towards these gifts, no room will there be for self-inflicted pain. Nothing but room for happiness to run through.

Join me for Episode #100 – Proven Ways to Deal With Negative People. We all want a life of positivity because we know it works. One thing is for sure, negativity has never accomplished anything. Therefore, throughout our life’s adventure, there will be negativity. The key is how we navigate through it so that we maintain a full life.

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