Episodes #14 - When You Give More You Live More | That Good ol Feelin

Episodes #14 – When You Give More You Live More

If you’re wanting to improve the quality of your life, you might want to give more. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to give and share a shift for the greater. I promise you the feeling you get is like no other.

Throughout the most challenging parts of my life, that is where I found the gift to living. Because those who give more tend to live more. Worrying about all the I didn’t have, but yet needed, did me no justice. My worrying couldn’t bring any of that to fruition. In order to surf that wave, I would need to use all of the tools I currently had that would later help acquire what I needed.

That made so much sense to me. I mean, when building a flight of steps to a higher floor, you never jump from step 2 to 6. By building them in sequence, it makes for an easier build. We always tend to pay attention to the things we don’t have while the things we do have are stored away. Use them. They have a purpose.

What helped me get through my toughest challenges is simply by taking focus away from it. In order words, when we consider our circumstances as problems it’s only due to the amount of focus we place on it. The more we focus on a challenge, the more of a chance it tends to formulate into a problem.

Focus On Giving MOre

We only claim it is a problem because we give it more focus than the solution that awaits to be found. When your focus shifts on a mission that is greater than yourself, you realize the truth. Although I had my own challenges, I realized I had so much to offer and give to others. It’s no coincidence that when I give more, I live more. It’s not because I’ve gained more, but because I feel more life in me.

Initially overwhelmed, when I focused on helping others and dedicated my energy towards bettering their lives, I soared. That in itself was far bigger than anything I could do for myself. I had the ability to create something more meaningful, something I new would shift the world forever. So for me to give me allowed me the opportunity to explore life differently, giving more life than ever before.

The more I began to give the less focus I had on my circumstances and the more opportunity I found. Not the mention the level of happiness I felt in the process. My heart was under a constant smile because of the impact I had the opportunity to make on a daily basis. It was no longer based on what I didn’t have, but rather, the many things I was able to gain.

Give more than you’ve ever given and you’ll receive more than you’ve ever dreamed of. The satisfaction is incomparable. There’s nothing like it. The filling and feeling you get can never be duplicated. What gave me all the power in the world was feeling how much giving gave me all I needed to survive. Though I had little, every time I created an opportunity to give I realized just how much more I was able to receive.

Giving Keeps the Feeling Going

In order to feel life, you have to be able to connect and be willing to share that feel with all that you meet. Because sharing such a feel illuminates your light even more so that you may not only shine for yourself, but for others as well. You not only owe it to yourself, but you also owe it to the world. You’re small contribution in making it go round.

Give more so that your soul expands. Most importantly, when you give more you experience more from this world than you can imagine. What you get in return is so pure, so priceless. No experience could ever fill that void. I wake up every day and look forward to the gifts I am able to share. Just so that my giving continues to allow me to feel life freely.

No matter where you stand in this world, you own the power to contribute. A word, a moment of your time, a smile, goes a long way. I didn’t realize how good that feeling was until I shared it with others. It ain’t no fun if those in need ‘can’t get none’. Join me, next week, Episode 15 – Why Just Exist When You Can Live?

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