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How to Feel the Life You Live

feel the life
The most important part of living is the ability to feel the life you live. If you’re not feeling it, how can you truly be living it? Life isn’t a spectator sport, it requires our full participation. Anything we want to experience, everything we want to become our reality, we have the ability to create.

The only way to feel the life you live is by submitted to the life you envisioned. Only you know how that picture looks, therefore, only you can truly see what you are working towards. Someone who has truly experienced an event can feel the effect long after the event has taken place. They are able to relive the event as if it was being replayed. By the sound of things, they’ve been able to exploit life to a certain degree.

Exploit Life to the Fullest

After all, what’s life if we can’t exploit every aspect of it? I’m talking from the moment we wake up till the moment we rest our heads. But if you really want to feel the life you live, think of the following:

    • Acknowledge Your Blessings & Show Gratitude:  Are you focusing on the things you need to get where you want to go? Or are you accepting the few things you have that have the ability to contribute to your end destination? Are you not grateful for this life you were given?  There’s a beautiful world out there, so much to discover.
    • Live with Passion: Outside of what you were given, have you been able to find the light to your fire? Is there anything within this world that makes you feel whole? Anything that drives you to wake up every single day? What would it mean if you could do what you love for the rest of your life?
    • Give: Give! No matter how much you amass, you will never feel fully accomplished until you are able to fill someone else up. What have you given lately that you believe can change the lives around you? Have you given something to someone that you believe will live on pass your existence?
    • Be Filled/Fulfilled: Are you focused on filling yourself? Mind? Body? Soul? Or are you working to fill your bank account? What’s more important to you? If you try both, you’ll find that one is temporary, the other impactful.
    • Inspire: What have you been able to learn through your journey? Could your hard ache be a map to facilitating the lives of others? Could your reality and story possibly inspire many?

Feel the Life You Intend to Live

No matter the life you choose to live, connect with it, feel it. Because if you are not feeling the life you live, you’re just winging it. And if you’re just winging it, you’re floating with the wind. Nothing wrong with that at all, but why float when you can direct flight? It’s better to have a clear idea of where you’re going rather than flying blindly having no clue where the wind would take you.

If you truly want to feel the life you live, I suggest you lock into your core and live by what feeds it. If you’re ignited by life, then every time life presents itself, you’ll experience the feeling that life provides. Connect to what it is you really want because it’s only through this connection can you truly enjoy the feel it provides. Remember, without that feelin, what is this life worth living for?

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