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Growing Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has truly been a life-changing event. As a matter of fact, we are all still learning how to adapt to it. Our lives, due to this matter, has forever been altered. In other words, many continue to be affected on both a mental and emotional level.

It’s easy for me to understand what people are feeling because as a social person, the coronavirus pandemic is felt. Although many of us are blessed to have a job, we still fear the possible exposure. I’m sure we can all see the shift that is taking place. During my drive around town, I was able to notice the effect of COVID-19.

We have all been accustom to a way of living. And many of us are attached and find it hard to adapt to change. It’s not that we are unable to. It’s just that we don’t want to. The coronavirus pandemic is like one we’ve never experienced. And definitely something we are all still getting used to. But if there one thing I am a believer in is, the good that constantly lives.

coronavirus pandemic

That means no matter what our circumstances, or despite the coronavirus pandemic, good continues to live. As tragic as it has been for many, the good lives through it all. We don’t see it because our focus tends to linger on pain or anything harmful. It was always through my circumstances, I was able to find the light.

Coronavirus Pandemic Gives Us A Shot

Before I get deeper into this, I want to make it clear that many still continue to suffer and experience pain. My intent isn’t to dismiss this at all. On the contrary, I am looking to shed light on the many that continue to endure it, but fail to see the opportunity.

We complain about the sate of our lives, but fail to embrace our lives. We are not just alive, but we have the opportunity to capitalize on what we’ve been served. As long as we continue to acknowledge ourselves as the creators we are, the more we understand.


Maintain gratitude for the time the coronavirus pandemic has made possible for all of us to grow. No matter your goals, you now have more of the time you were looking to capitalize on. The time has presented itself for all of us to look ourselves in the mirror and question our direction.

With such a fast-moving world pace before us, the coronavirus pandemic always came in as a way to slow it all down. As a result, a handful has taken this time to dig within. That’s right, the moment of reflection has presented itself. And although relationships seem to be failing at a high rate, I don’t think the pandemic created the issues that lead up to it. It may just have brought it all to light. And with that light, we have the ability to create more clearly.

You Can Still Build

Despite what is going on, we still have the ability to build. The times have changed and present us all the ability to grow and change for the better. The question is, how are you using your time? Are you using the time to give yourself the care you deserve? Where is your focus? Are you focused on building or are you focused on the event itself? Are you seeing what it is doing to you or have you realized the gift it has brought you?


This time is ours. This is the time we’ve all been given and it is up to us to decide what we will make of it. The most amazing thing about this time is the peace we are able to live in. If you pause for just a second you will realize the stillness that is felt. Within this space, COVID-19 has allowed us to reconnect, recenter, and rebuild ourselves. Better yet, there is nothing to actually build. Instead, only things to be retracted.

Build your dream, whatever that looks like. It is your responsibility, your job to accommodate that vision. We only get one shot at this life we have. Why not take advantage of every moment we are given. When it’s all said and done, it’ll all be worth it at the end.

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