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Have an Attitude of Gratitude


To live in gratitude is to adjust your attitude so that you may live in peace. I can honestly say that there is no greater way to live than that. The world is constantly exposing us to things, many of which we can live without. But for some reason, at times, we feel we just have to have it.

There’s always that one thing, at any given time we just have to get. When I’m grateful, those things can wait. Living this way, drowning myself in such gratitude brings me back to center. In other words, it reminds me that I have so much. Therefore, although I may not have what I want, living in such a place keeps me fully satisfied.

Too many times do we have a forgetful mindset. We have so much, but in a time where our desires surpass us, we disregard all of the many things we are blessed with. We forget all of the things we should be grateful for.

Living in gratitude not only simplifies your life, but it also calms it down. You are no longer in a gotta get mindset, for everything you need, you’ve been blessed with. And even if you don’t have it, you know that with faith that somehow, things will work themselves out. You don’t feel this way because things just have to go your way. You feel this way because you are constantly reminded, through gratitude, all that you’ve already been given. And you understand that that source will always be there for you to feed off of. Although it’s been there before, we still understand that it always takes place as it should.

Be Grateful for All that You Do

Show gratitude not just for what you have, but also for all the amazingness you were blessed with. You were blessed with the opportunity to create and live the life you want. We all have a great deal of abilities. These abilities have nothing to do with what we’ve been taught. Rather, it has all to do with what we’ve been birthed with.

Through our existence, we were blessed with greatness, whether we use it or not. The ability to acknowledge the beauty within us will allow us the awareness necessary. With the awareness comes the acknowledgment of gifts we are all provided with. With the acknowledgment comes gratitude.


There are so many things we can be grateful for, but for some reason, too many times our focus drifts. We focus not on the numerous things we can do, but rather, our limitations. When you soak yourself in gratitude, you find that no problems truly exist. You find that the only things you lack are the things you fail to be grateful for.

The more we realize the many gifts we are constantly given, the more of a reason we have to be grateful. Now I know there are a lot of things most of us want, but what do you already have? Have you taken the time to celebrate your life, the most valuable possession of all? Have you accepted your ability to create?

It’s easy to lose track of our blessings when we are too busy focused on the little things. Living in gratitude is an automatic reminder, a reminder that keeps us all in check. So that we always remember that everything we need is already here. Everything we need is in arms reach awaiting our receiving it.

Life Begins when We Accept

If you have chosen to accept life and accept the constant beauty it presents us with, it will be clear. it will be clear that your level of gratitude for life has increased. That will be you noticing your gifts. Not a gift-wrapped box, but the gift of life itself. Drown yourself in that.

multitude of gratitude

We have so many reasons to be grateful, so many reasons to be filled. Life has allowed it so. It has provided us the opportunity to experience its wonders when we show up. Every day we show up our gratitude allows us to see more, witness more, and be more. The only thing that separates us from living in gratitude is simply accepting. All we need to do is accept this amazing gift of life. It is the gates to the life we all seek. Stay there, live there, and accept it all as it comes.


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